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Instant digital download of 280 vintage botanical images of grass, leaves, trees, ferns and related in high resolution (300 dpi, sizes from 1300x2500 px to 2400x3900 px). Look at pictures to see sizes in pixels (click "Zoom", divide size in pixels on 300 - you'll get size of print in inches with high quality, ex. 2400/300=8''). Total size is 293 Mb.

Each file has a name of shown plant in English or Latin (ex. "Common Butterwort.jpg" or "Phaca Alpina.jpg"). Names of shown plants are listed below, at the end of description.

All images are in JPG format, separate files. Perfect for use in crafting, decoupage, collage, altered art, prints, etc. Images are in public domain in USA and may be used for any personal or commercial purposes. Information about source books is included.

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Digital download (TXT file with link on file in zip format on dropbox and google drive, and gallery view). Before purchase, please, make sure that you are able to download large size files. Download may take long time some cases.

NAMES of shown plants:
Aart Nut, Abies Alba, Abies Balsamifera, Abies Canadensis, Abies Nigra, Absinthe, Abutilon Thompsoni, Acacia, Acajou-Tree, Acalypha Tricolor, Acanthe, Acer Negundo Fraxinifolium Variegatum, Ache, Achillee, Achyranthes Verschaffeltii, Aconit, Adam's Apple, Adam's Fig-Tree, Adansonia Digitata, Adelaster Albivenis, Agaric, Agave Americana, Agnus Castus, Agrimony, Aigremoine, Ail Commun, Airelle, Alcanna, Alchemilla, Alhenna, Almond-Tree, Alocasia Jenningsii, Alocasia Lowii, Aloe, Alpine Bladder Fern, Alpine Polypody, Alternanthera Sessilis, Amandier, Amaranthe, Amarantus Melancholicus, American Silver Fir, Ammi, Amome, Anacarde, Anagyris, Ananas, Anchalie, Anemone Hepatique, Anemone, Anet, Aneth, Angelica, Angelique, Angular Leaved Prickly Fern, Angustura, Anis, Anise, Anoechtochilus Setaceus, Anserine, Aralia Veitchii, Areca, Aristoloche, Armoise, Arnica, Arrete-Baeuf, Arroche, Artichaut, Artichoke, Asa Foetida, Asaracacca, Asclepias, Asparagus, Asperge, Asperule Odorante, Astragale, Astrance, Athamante, Aucuba Japonica Aureo-Maculata, Aunee, Aurone, Avoine, Azedarak, Bagnaudier, Balm of Gilead Fir, Balsamier, Balsam-Tree, Banana-Tree, Bardane, Basil, Baumier, Bdellium, Bead-Tree, Beam-Tree, Bears-Breech, Bears-Foot, Begonia Daedalea, Begonia Falcifolia, Belladonne, Benjoin, Beonite, Berce, Berle A Large Feuille, Bertolonia Guttata, Betoine, Bette, Betterave, Bignonia Argyro-Violascens, Bilberry-Shrub, Bistorte, Bitter Nut Hickery, Bitter Nut, Black Spleenwort, Black Spruce, Black Walnut, Bladder-Nut-Tree, Bladder-Sena, Bluet, Blunt Topped Horsetail, Bois, Bolet Amadouvier, Boul, Bouleau, Bourgene, Bourrache, Branched Wood Horsetail, Brank-Ursine, Brassica Sinensis, Brittle Bladder Fern, Broad Prickly Toothed Fern, Broad-Leaved Egyptian Privet, Brunelle, Bruyere, Bryone, Bubon, Bugle, Buglose, Buis, Buplevere, Bur, Burdock, Burredock, Cabaret, Cacaotier, Cafe, Caille-Lait, Cajou, Caladium Belleymii, Caladium Mirabile, Calathea Veitchiana, Cammock, Camomille, Camomliie, Campanula, Camphree, Canelier, Canna Atronigricans, Canne, Capillaire, Caprier, Carline, Carotte, Carthame, Carvi, Cashew, Casse, Cassis, Cataire, Centaurea Candidissima, Cerfeuil Cultive, Cerfeuil Musque, Cerisier, Ceterac, Chalaignier, Chalitron, Chanvre, Chardon Beni, Chardon, Chaste-Tree, Chataigne, Chelidoine, Chene Ballote, Chene Rouvre, Chene, Chenette, Chervi, Chevre-Feuille, Chicoree, Chiendent, Chou Blanc, Chou Roquette, Chou-Navet, Chou-Rave, Chou-Rouge, Chrysanthemum, Cicoree, Cigiie, Cineraria Maritima Fairbairnianum, Circee, Ciste, Citronier, Clematis, Clot-Burr, Codiaeum Hillianum, Codiaeum Interruptum, Codiaeum Irregulare, Coignassier, Coleus Blumei, Coleus Verschaffelti, Colombine, Coloquinte, Columbine, Common Adders Tongue, Common Brake, Common Club Moss, Common Garden Angelica, Common Polypody, Common Prickly Fern, Common Wall Spleenwort, Concombre, Consoude, Contrayerva, Copaier, Coquelicot, Coqueret, Coriandre, Corn Horsetail, Cornouillier, Corthame, Costus, Cotonier, Cotylet, Courbaril, Courge, Creeping Pill Wort, Cresson, Crested Fern, Criste, Croisette, Croton, Cuckow-Pint, Cumin, Cuscule Epithyme, Cyclamen, Cynanchum Oleaefolium, Cynanque, Cynoglosse, Cypres, Cypripedium Concolor, Daphne, Dark-Flowered Anemone, Datier, Dauphinelle, Dent De Lion, Devil's Dung, Dichorisandra Mosaica, Dichorisandra Undata, Dieffenbachia Baraquiniana, Digitale, Dill, Dille, Ditto, Doronic, Douce-Amere, Dracaena Terminalis Stricta, Drunken Date-Tree, Egyptian Acacia, Ehtuse, Elecampane, Ellebore, Eperviere, Epiaire, Epicia, Epinard, Epine Vinette, Epurge, Erable, Eranthemum Igneum, Eranthemum Sanguinolentum, Esule, Eupatoire, Euphorbe, Euphraise, European Bristle Fern, European Quillwort, False Sycamore, Faselnut, Faufel-Nut-Tree, Fenu Grec, Ferule A Feuiller Aillees, Ferule Assa Foetida, Figuier, Filipendule, Fine Leaved Gymnogramma, Fir Club Moss, Fleurs De Noisetier, Flowering Fern, Fougere, Fraisier, Framboisier, Fraxinelle, Frene, Froment, Fumeterre, Gaiac, Galbanum, Galega, Galtilier, Garance, Garlic, Genet, Genevrier, Gentiane, Geranium, German Leopard's Bane, Germandree Pimprenelle, Germandree, Gesneria Exoniensis, Gingembre, Ginger, Girofle, Giroflier, Gleriane, Gourde, Grand Basilic, Grande Centauree, Grateron, Gratiole, Great Water-Horsetail, Green Spleenwort, Gremil, Grenadier, Grey Pine, Groseiller, Ground-Nut, Guiblanc, Guimauve, Guttier, Gymnostachyum Verschaffelti, Gynerium Argenteum, Hard Fern, Haricot, Harts-Tongue Spleenwort, Heliotrope, Hemlock Spruce, Hepatique Des Fontaines, Herbe A Coton, Herbe A Robert, Herbe Aux Puces, Herniole, Hibiscus Cooperii, Hieble, Holly Fern, Hollyhock, Houblon, Houx, Hypociste, Hypoestes Sanguinolenta, Imperatoire, Indian Anise, Indian Cane, Interrupted Club Moss, Iris, Jack By The Hedge, Juglans Amara, Juglans Aquatica, Juglans Cathartica, Juglans Laciniosa, Juglans Myristicaeformis, Juglans Nigra, Juglans Olivae Formis, Juglans Porcina, Juglans Squamosa, Juglans Tomentosa, Jujubier, Jusquiame, Ladies Mantle, Lady Fern, Laitron, Laitue, Lamier, Lampourde, Lampsane, Lanceolate Spleenwort, Large Blue Monkshood, Large Blue Wolfsbane, Larmo, Laurier Benjoin, Laurier, Lavande, Lentille, Lentilles, Lentisque, Leonure, Lesser Alpine Club Moss, Lichen, Liege, Lierre, Lin, Linaire, Liquidambar, Liquorice-Vetch, Lis, Liseron, Liveche, Liver-Wort, Lobelia, Loblolly Pine, Long Leaved Pine, Long-Rooted Birthwort, Lonicera Brachypoda Aureo-Reticulata, Lote-Tree, Lupin, Lycoperdon, Maceron, Maidenhair, Mais, Male Fern, Maleze, Mandragore, Manhiot, Maniguette, Maranta Illustris, Maranta Roseo-Picta, Marante, Marjolaine, Maronnier, Marronier, Marrube, Marsh Club Moss, Marsh Fern, Marsh Horsetail, Marum, Matricaire, Mauve, Meadow-Anemone, Mecha Balm-Tree, Melilot, Melisse Calament, Melisse Pouliot, Melisse, Melissepetit Calament, Melon, Melongene, Menthe, Menyanthe, Mercuriale, Meriseier, Mocker Nut Hickery, Molene, Moonwort, Morelle, Morgeline, Mountain Bladder Fern, Mountain Fern, Mouron, Moutarde, Muflier, Muguet, Murier, Musa Vittata, Muscadier, Myrobolan, Myrthe, Nard, Narrow Prickly Toothed Fern, Neflier, Nenufar, Nerprun, New Jersey Pine, Nicotiane, Nigelle, Noisetier, Noyer, Nugwort, Nutmeg Hickery Nut, Oat, Oblong Woodsia, Oeillet, Oignon, Oliban, Oliver, Ophrys, Opopanax, Oranger, Orchis, Orge, Origan, Orme, Orobe, Orpin, Ortie, Oseille Aquatique, Oseille, Osmonde, Ouin Quina Orange, Pacan Nut Hickery, Pale Mountain Polypody, Panais, Panic Millet, Panicaut Marin, Panicum Plicatum, Panis, Paquerette, Pareyra Brava, Parietaire, Parisette, Parsley Fern, Passerage, Passe-Rose, Passiflora Trifasciata, Pastel, Patience, Pavot, Pecher, Pelargonium Zonale, Peperomia Argyrea, Perilla Nankinensis, Persicaire, Persil, Pervenche, Petit Basilic, Petite, Petty-Whin, Peuplier, Phalaenopsis Schilleriana, Phitolacea, Phormium Tenax, Pied, Pied-De-Chat, Pig Nut Hickery, Piment, Pin, Pinus Australis, Pinus Inops, Pinus Mitis, Pinus Pungens, Pinus Rigida, Pinus Rubra, Pinus Rupestris, Pinus Serotina, Pinus Strobus, Pinus Taeda, Pinus, Pirole, Pistachier, Pitch Pine, Pivoine, Plaintain-Tree, Plantain, Poireau, Poirier, Pois, Poivre, Politric, Polygala, Polypode, Polytric, Pomme, Pond Pine, Potentilla, Potentille, Pourpier, Prele, Primevere, Prundlier, Prunier, Pulmonaire, Pulsatille, Pyrethre, Queue, Quinquina Blanc, Quinquina Caraibe, Quinquina Piton, Quinquina Rouge, Raifort Sauvage, Raifort, Raisins, Ranunculus, Rapontic, Red Pine, Reglisse, Renouee, Rest-Harrow, Rhapis Flabelliformis, Rhapontia, Rhubarbe, Rhubarbo, Ricin, Rigid Lastrea, Rigid Three-Branched Polypody, Riz, Rocou, Romarin, Ronce, Roquette Sauvage, Rose De Chien, Rose, Roseau, Rosee, Rough Horsetail, Round Leaved Woodsia, Rue Des Murailles, Rue Puante, Sabine, Saffran, Salicorne, Salsepareille, Sanchezia Nobilis, Sang Dragon, Sanicle, Santoline, Sapin, Saponaire, Sarcocolier, Sarrasin, Sarrele, Sarriete, Sarriette, Sauce Alone, Sauge, Saule, Savin-Leaved Club Moss, Saxifraga Fortunei Tricolor, Saxifraga, Scabieuse, Scaly Spleenwort, Scammonoe, Sceau, Schoenanthe, Scille, Scolopendre, Scorsonere Pagne,Scabieuse, Scrophulaire, Scutellaire, Sea Spleenwort, Sebestier, Sedum Sieboldii, Seigle, Sene, Senecon, Seseli, Shell Bark Hickery, Shrubby Goose-Foot, Silver Cinque-Foil, Silverweed, Simarouba, Sison Amome, Sisymbrium, Smallage, Smilax Macrophylla, Smooth Naked Horsetail, Smooth Rock-Spleenwort, Solanum Marginatum, Sorbier, Souchet, Soucy, Soude, Sparagus, Sparrow-Grass, Sperage, Spuchet, Squinancy-Wort, Squine, Staphisaigre, Stinking Bean-Trefoil, Storax, Sumac Amaranthe, Sumac, Sureau, Swallow-Wort, Sweet Milk-Vetch, Tabac, Table Mountain Pine, Tamarinior, Tamarisc, Tamarix De Narbonne, Tamier, Tanaisie, Teleianthera Ficoidea, Tender Three-Branched Polypody, Terebinthe, Terminalia Elegans, Thapsie, Thick Shell Bark Hickery, Thlaspi, Thym, Tilleul, Tithimale, Toothed Bladder Fern, Tormentille, Trefle, Troene, Tunbridge Film-Fern, Tussilage, Ulmaire, Valeriane, Vanille, Varaire, Variegated Rough Horsetail, Velar, Velar-Alliaire, Verge, Veronique, Vert, Verveine, Vesce, Vesce-Fove, Vigne, Violette, Viperine, Vrai, Wake-Robin, Wall Rue Spleenwort, Water Bitter Nut Hickery, White Leaf-Tree, White Pine, White Spruce, Wild Liquorice, Wilsons Film-Fern, Winter-Cherry, Woodroof, Wormwood, Yellow Pine, Yucca Aloefolia, Yvette, Zea Japonica, Zedoaire.

    Average review
    plates are very original.
    Jan 28, 2018 by Aurelie MICHEL
    Aug 3, 2015 by Jessica Torola
    Great variety of images in the collection.
    May 23, 2014 by kiskadee

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