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Instant digital download of 238 vintage pictures of fishes in high resolution (300 dpi, sizes from 1100x2000 px to 2100x2400 px). Look at pictures to see sizes in pixels (click "Zoom", divide size in pixels on 300 - you'll get size of print in inches with high quality, ex. 2400/300=8''). Total size of the collection is 112 Mb.

Each file has a name of shown fish (or it's genus) in English or Latin (ex. "Common Perch.jpg" or "genyatremus cavifrons (L).jpg"). Names of shown species are listed below, at the end of description.

All images are in JPG format, separate files. Perfect for use in crafting, decoupage, collage, altered art, prints, etc. Images are in public domain in USA and may be used for any personal or commercial purposes. Information about source books is included.

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Digital download (TXT file with link on file in zip format on dropbox and google drive, and gallery view). Before purchase, please, make sure that you are able to download large size files. Download may take long time some cases.

NAMES of shown fishes:
African Armoured Searobin, African Pompano, Allis Shad, American Harvestfish, Angelshark, Angler, Angular Roughshark, Annular Seabream, Arctic Char, Asp, Atlantic Bluefin Tuna, Atlantic Bonito, Atlantic Bumper, Atlantic Cod, Atlantic Hagfish, Atlantic Halibut, Atlantic Herring, Atlantic Horse Mackerel, Atlantic Lizardfish, Atlantic Mackerel, Atlantic Pomfret, Atlantic Salmon, Atlantic Wolffish, Ballyhoo Halfbeak, Banded Banjo, Banded Knifefish, Banded Leporinus, Bandwing Flyingfish, Bar Jack, Barbel, Barred Sorubim, Barred Thicklip, Bennett's Sharpnose Puffer, Bicolor Angelfish, Bigeye Croaker, Bigeye Scad, Bigeye Snapper, Birdbeak Burrfish, Black and White Snapper, Black Goby, Black Margate, Black Pomfret, Black Scorpionfish, Black Triggerfish, Blackeye Thicklip, Blacktip Grouper, Bleak, Blue Parrotfish, Blue Shark, Blue Skate, Bluehead, Bluewing Searobin, Brazilian Wrasse, Brill, Bullhead, Burbot, Castin Leatherjacket, Cero, Chain Moray, Chinese Trumpetfish, Cobia, Coco Sea Catfish, Common Carp, Common Dab, Common Dace, Common Dentex, Common Dolphinfish, Common Eagle Ray, Common Nase, Common Pandora, Common Sawfish, Common Snook, Common Sole, Common Stingray, Common Torpedo, Coney, Copperband Butterflyfish, Corkwing Wrasse, Cornetfish, Crimson Snapper, Cuckoo Wrasse, Dark Moray, Deep-Bodied Mojarra, Diagonal Butterflyfish, Dragonet, Eelpout, Electric Eel, Embryos, Emperor Angelfish, Estuarine Stonefish, Eurasian Minnow, European Anchovy, European Barracuda, European Brook Lamprey, European Conger, European Eel, European Flounder, European Perch, European Pilchard, European Seabass, European Smelt, European Sprat, Fivefinger Wrasse, Flathead Grey Mullet, Flying Gurnard, Fourhorn Sculpin, Fourlined Terapon, Freshwater Bream, Garfish, Giant Grouper, Gilthead Seabream, Goldfish, Gray Angelfish, Grayling, Greater Weever, Grey Gurnard, Gudgeon, Haddock, Harlequin Bass, Highfin Goby, Honeycomb Grouper, Hooknose, Humpback Turretfish, Ide, Indo-Pacific Sailfish, Indo-Pacific Tarpon, Jack-Knifefish, Jarbua Terapon, Jewelled Blenny, John Dory, John's Snapper, Karut Croaker, Ladyfish, Largehead Hairtail, Largescale Foureyes, Lesser Amberjack, Lesser Spiny Eel, Ling, Live Sharksucker, Longfin Batfish, Longhorn Cowfish, Longnose Gar, Longspine Snipefish, Longtail Croaker, Lookdown, Lumpfish, Manduba, Maraena Whitefish, Marbled Swamp Eel, Mediterranean Moray, Moon Wrasse, Moontail Bullseye, Moorish Idol, Mottled Grouper, Mutton Hamlet, Narrow-Barred Butterflyfish, Nassau Grouper, Northern Pike, Northern Searobin, Ocean Sunfish, Oyster Toadfish, Parrotfish, Pastel-Green Wrasse, Pennant Coralfish, Picked Dogfish, Pike-Perch, Piper Gurnard, Plate Fish, Pollack, Poor Cod, Pouting, Prussian Carp, Pugnose Ponyfish, Queen Triggerfish, Rabbit Fish, Red Bandfish, Red Gurnard, Red Hind, Red Mullet, Red Porgy, Red Scorpionfish, Redbreasted Wrasse, Redeye Piranha, Rhone Streber, River Lamprey, Roach, Rough Triggerfish, Rudd, Ruffe, Saithe, Salema, Sand Tilefish, Sapphire Damsel, Sargassumfish, Schneider, Schraetzer, Scrawled Cowfish, Sea Lamprey, Sea Stickleback, Sea Trout, Seadevil, Shanny, Shark Sucker, Shi Drum, Shore Rockling, Short Dragonfish, Shorthorn Sculpin, Silver Pomfret, Small Sandeel, Small-Spotted Catshark, Smooth Hammerhead, Smooth Trunkfish, Snake Blenny, Soldier Catfish, Spanish Hogfish, Spined Loach, Spotted Coralgrouper, Spotted Goatfish, Spotted Seabass, Spotted Snake Eel, Spotted Snakehead, Spotted Trunkfish, Squirrelfish, Stone Loach, Stoplight Parrotfish, Striped Bass, Striped Eel Catfish, Striped Parrotfish, Striped Seasnail, Striped Snakehead, Striped Threadfin, Sturgeon, Surmullet, Swallowtail Seaperch, Swordfish, Tadpole Fish, Tench, Thornback Ray, Three-Spined Stickleback, Three-Striped Whiptail, Tompot Blenny, Tope Shark, Torpedo Scad, Torroto Grunt, Trahira, Tropical Two-Wing Flyingfish, Tub Gurnard, Turbot, Unicorn Leatherjacket Filefish, Vagabond Butterflyfish, Vendace, Vimba Bream, Weatherfish, Wels Catfish, Western Atlantic Seabream, White Bream, White Seabream, White-Banded Triggerfish, Whitecheek Monocle Bream, White-Spotted Puffer, Whiting, Yellowfin Grouper, Yellowtail Snapper, Zebra Shark, Zingel;

or in Latin:
accipenser huso, accipenser ruthenus, accipenser sturio, ammodytes tobianus, anableps tetrophthalmus, anarhichas lupus, anthias argus, anthias diagramma, anthias formosus, anthias johnii, anthias macrophthalmus, anthias sacer, anthias vosmeri, atherine hepsetus, balistes aculeatus, balistes maculatus, balistes monoceros, balistes niger, balistes vetula, blennius fasciatus, blennius gattorugine, blennius gunellus, blennius pholis, blennius viviparus, bodianus apua, bodianus aya, bodianus bodianus, bodianus boenack, bodianus guttatus, bodianus macrolepidotus, bodianus maculatus, bodianus pentacanthus, callionymus dracunculus, callionymus lyra, cataphractus costatus, centriscus scolopax, centriscus sculatus, cepola taenia, chaetodon arcuatus, chaetodon aureus, chaetodon bicolor, chaetodon cornutus, chaetodon fasciatus, chaetodon imperator, chaetodon macrolepidotus, chaetodon pavo, chaetodon rostratus, chaetodon teira, chaetodon vagabundus, chimaera monstrosa, clupea alosa, clupea cyprinoides, clupea encrasicolus, clupea harengus, clupea pilchardus, clupea sinensis, clupea sprattus, cobitis barbatula, cobitis fossilis, cobitis taenia, coryphaena coerulea, coryphaena hippurus, coryphaena pentadactyla, coryphaena plumieri, cottus cataphractus, cottus gobio, cottus grunniens, cottus quadricornis, cottus scorpius, cyclopterus liparis, cyclopterus lumpus, cyprinus alburnus, cyprinus amarus, cyprinus aspius, cyprinus auratus, cyprinus barbus, cyprinus bipunctatus, cyprinus blicca, cyprinus brama, cyprinus carpio, cyprinus carussa, cyprinus dobula, cyprinus erythrophthalmus, cyprinus gibelio, cyprinus gobio, cyprinus jeses, cyprinus nasus, cyprinus phoxinus, cyprinus rutilus, cyprinus tinca, cyprinus tinca auratus, cyprinus vimba, diodon mola, diodon oblongus hystrix, diodon orbicularis, diodon rotundus atringa, echeneis neucrates, echeneis remora, elops saurus, embryos, epinephelus afer, epinephelus merra, epinephelus ruber, epinephelus striatus, eques americanus, esox belone, esox brasiliensis, esox lucius, esox malabaricus, esox osseus, esox sphyraena, exocoetus evolans, exocoetus exsiliens, fistularia chinensis, fistularia tabacaria, gadus aeglefinus, gadus barbatus, gadus callarias, gadus carbonarius, gadus lota, gadus merlangus, gadus merlucius, gadus minutus, gadus molva, gadus morhua, gadus pollachius, gadus tau, gadus tricirratus, gasterosteus aculeatus, gasterosteus pungitus, gasterosteus spinachia, gastrobranchus coecus, gobius jozo, gobius lanceolatus, gobius niger, gymnetrus hawkenii, gymnocephalus argentus, gymnocephalus schraetser, gymnothorax afer, gymnothorax catenatus, gymnothorax reticularis, gymnotus brachyurus, gymnotus carapo, gymnotus electricus, holocentrus auratus, holocentrus fasciatus, holocentrus lanceolatus, holocentrus punctatus, holocentrus quadrilineatus, holocentrus quinque lineatus, holocentrus servus, holocentrus sogo, holocentrus tigrinus, holocentrus virescens, johnius aneus, johnius carutta, kyrtus indicus, labrus bifasciatus, labrus brasiliensis, labrus carneus, labrus chloropterus, labrus fasciatus, labrus lunaris, labrus melapterus, labrus vetula, labrus viridis, lonchurus barbatus, lophius histrio, lophius piscatorius, lophius vespertilio, loricaria maculata, lutianus erythropterus, lutianus lutianus, lutianus rupestris, lutjanus luteus, lutjanus norvegicus, lutjanus surinamensis, lutjanus verres, lutjanus virescens, macrourus ruperstris, mugil cephalus, mugil tang, mullus barbatus, mullus maculatus, mullus surmuletus, muraena anguilla, muraena conger, muraena helena, muraena ophis, ophidium aculeatum, ophidium barbatum, ophiocephalus punctatus, ophiocephalus striatus, ostracion bicaudalis, ostracion cornutus, ostracion quadricornis, ostracion triqueter, ostracion turritus, pegasus draconis, pegasus nataus, perca asper, perca cernua, perca fluviatilis, perca guttata, perca iuba, perca lucioperca, perca maculata, perca punctata, perca saxatilis, perca unimaculata, perca zingel, petromyzon branchialis, petromyzon fluviatilis, petromyzon marinus, petromyzon planeri, platystacus anguillaris, platystacus cotylephorus, pleuronectes argus, pleuronectes flesus, pleuronectes hippoglossus, pleuronectes limanda, pleuronectes linandoides, pleuronectes maximus, pleuronectes passer, pleuronectes plattessa, pleuronectes rhombus, pleuronectes solea, polynemus plebeius, raja aquila, raja batis, raja oxyrhinchus, raja pastinaca, raja rubus, raja torpedo, rese cyprinorum, salmo alpinus, salmo argentinus, salmo eperlanomarinus, salmo eperlanus, salmo fario, salmo fario saxatitis, salmo fasciatus, salmo friederici, salmo groenlandicus, salmo lavarettus, salmo maraena, salmo maraenula, salmo rhombeus, salmo salar, salmo salvelinus, salmo saurus, salmo thymallus, salmo trutta, scarus cretensis, scarus croicensis, scarus viridis, sciaena cirrosa, sciaena diacantha, sciaena labrax, sciaena macrolepidota, sciaena nigra, sciaena punctata, sciaena undecimalis, scomber chloris, scomber ductor, scomber fasciatus, scomber gladius, scomber niger, scomber plumieri, scomber regalis, scomber rottleri, scomber ruber, scomber saliens, scomber sarda, scomber scomber, scomber thynnus, scomber trachurus, scorpaena anteunata, scorpaena horrida, scorpaena porcus, scorpaena scrofa, scorpaena volitans, silurus bagre, silurus fasciatus, silurus glanis, silurus inermis, silurus militaris, sparus ancorago, sparus annularis, sparus aurata, sparus chlorurus, sparus chrysurus, sparus dentex, sparus erythrinus, sparus erythrourus, sparus falcatus, sparus fasciatus, sparus maina, sparus pagrus, sparus raji, sparus salpa, sparus sargus, sparus vittatus, sphagebranchus rostratus, squalus acanthias, squalus canicula, squalus carcharius, squalus catulus, squalus centrina, squalus fasciatus, squalus galeus, squalus glaucus, squalus pristis, squalus squatina, squalus zygaena, stromateus argenteus, stromateus cinereus, stromateus niger, stromateus paru, synbranchus immaculatus, synbranchus marmoratus, syngnatus acus, syngnatus hippocampis, syngnatus phidion, syngnatus typhle, tetrodon hispidus, tetrodon lagocephalus, tetrodon lineatus, tetrodon ocellatus, tetrodon testudineus, trachinus draco, trichiurus lepturus, trigla carolina, trigla cataphracta, trigla cuculus, trigla gurnardus, trigla hirundo, trigla lyra, trigla punctata, trigla volitans, urano scopus scaber, xiphias gladius, zeus ciliaris, zeus faber, zeus gallus, zeus insidiator, zeus vomer.

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