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Baruch Adriel Wool Picker Tabletop Model ~Cherry~

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This beautiful Bam Fiber Works wool picker is perfect to take along with you wherever you go.
The "Busy Butler" will cut down those long hours spent trying to pick the wool by hand.
When you would like to use it simply unclasp the slider and fold the latches down inside the picker.
As you pick the wool, it will deposit it out the back, but as with all wool pickers some wool will remain in the teeth and will need to be removed before sending through different colors or types of wool.

>Portable. When you're through using your picker, simply fold up the Busy Butler's two safety boards and latch them to the slider. To transport, just lift picker by the handle and carry it where you wish.

>Safe. To protect little fingers, the latches are also lockable. (Locks not included.)

>Efficient. The Busy Butler contains 136 sharpened points, with a picking area of 8 3/4" long and 6" wide.

>Pretty. Made from 100% solid cherry wood, and finished with a hand rubbed, natural Danish Oil finish.

>Stays put. Equipped with durable rubber feet, your picker won't keep moving around the table while your using it.

>Dimensions. 4 3/4" tall, (Not including handle), 27 1/4" long, and 9 1/2" wide.

>Ships free to the lower 48 states.

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