FLOWERS-69 Collection of 254 vintage images Clover Mallow Cactus Hologymne botanical pictures high definition image flower from old book

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Instant digital download of 254 vintage pictures of flowers in high resolution (300 dpi, sizes from 1800x3100 px to 3300x4100 px). Look at pictures to see sizes in pixels (click "Zoom", divide size in pixels on 300 - you'll get size of print in inches with high quality, ex. 2400/300=8''). Total size of the collection is 267 Mb.

Each file has a name of shown plant in English and Latin (ex. "001-iris persica, Persian Iris.jpg"). Names of shown plants are listed below, at the end of description.

All images are in JPG format, separate files. Perfect for use in crafting, decoupage, collage, altered art, prints, etc. Images are in public domain in USA and may be used for any personal or commercial purposes. Information about source books is included.

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Digital download (TXT file with link on file in zip format on dropbox and google drive, and gallery view). Before purchase, please, make sure that you are able to download large size files. Download may take long time some cases.

NAMES of shown plants:
aconitum chinense, Chinese Monks-hood; aeschynanthus grandiflorus, Large-flowered Aeschinanthus; agave americana foliis variegatis, Great American Aloe with variegated leaves; anchusa petiolata, Petiolated-leaved Alkanet; angelonia cornigera, Horn-bearing Angelonia; angelonia gardneri, Mr Gardner's Angelonia; anigozanthus manglesii, Mr Mangles' Anigozanthus; aristolochia caudata, Livid-flowered Birth-wort; aristolochia ciliata, Fringe-flowered Aristolochia; aristolochia saccata, Pouch-flowered Birth-wort; arthrostemma versicolor, Changeable-flowered Arthrostemma; aspasia variegata, Variegated Aspasia; barnardia scilloides, Chinese Barnardia; barringtonia racemosa, Raceme-flowered Barringtonia; bartonia aurea, Golden Bartonia; batemannia colleyi, Mr Colley's Batemannia; bauhinia forficata, Forcipated Bauhinia; begonia parvifolia, Small-leaved Begonia or Elephant's Ear; begonia sinuata, Sinuated Begonia or Elephant's Ear; bletia parkinsoni, Mr Parkinson's Bletia; bomarea acutifolia punctata, Sharp-leaved Bomarea speckled variety; bomarea simplex, Simple Bomarea; bouvardia splendens, Splendid Bouvardia; brachycome iberidifolia, Candy-tuft-leaved Brachycome; brassavola cordata, Heart-lipped Brassavola; brassavola cuspidata, Spear-lipped Brassavola; brassavola perrinii, Perrin's Brassavola; brassia lanceana viridiflora, Mr Lance's Brassia green-flowered variety; burrielia gracilis, Slender Burrielia; caladium petiolatum, Long-stalked Caladium; calectasia cyanea, Bright-blue calectasia; callichroa platyglossa, Golden Callichroa; callithauma viridiflorum et angustifolium, Green-flowered and Narrow-leaved Callithauma; carica citriformis, Small Citron-fruited Papaw; catasetum integerrimum, Entire-lipped Catasetum; catasetum russellianum, Duke of Bedford's Catasetum; cattleya citrina, Yellow-flowered Cattleya; cattleya guttata russelliana, Spotted Cattleya Lord Edward Russel's variety; cattleya intermedia angustifolia, Narrow-leaved Intermediate Cattleya; cattleya mossiae, Mrs Moss's Superb Cattleya; cattleya pumila, Dwarf Cattleya; centaurea depressa, Prostrate Centaury; cereus latifrons, Broad-stemmed Cereus; cereus martianus, Von Martius' Cereus; cereus multiplex, Proliferous Cereus; cereus pentalophus subarticulatus, Five-winged Cereus; cereus speciosissimus hybridus, Splendid Cereus hybrid var; ceropegia vincaefolia, Periwinkle-leaved Ceropegia; chenopodium quinqa, Useful Quinoa; cirrhaea fusco-lutea, Yellow-brown Cirrhaea; clethra tomentosa, Downy Clethra; cobaea macrostema, Long-stamened Cobaea; coburgia coccinea, Scarlet Coburgia; coburgia trichroma, Three-coloured Coburgia; coelogyne ocellata, Eyeletted Coelogyne; colletia horrida, Bristling Colletia; collinsia heterophylla, Variable-leaved Collinsia; cooperia pedunculata, Pedunculated Cooperia; coryanthes maculata parkeri, Spotted-lipped coryanthes Mr Parker's variety; crocus annulatus adamicus, Mons Adam's variety of Crocus Annulatus; crocus lagenaeflorus lacteus lutescens, Pale Yellow Gourd-shaped Crocus; crocus speciosus, Showy Crocus; crocus suaveolens, Sweet-scented Crocus; cycnoches loddigesii leucochilum, Mr Loddiges' Swanwort white-lipped variety; cymbidium triste, Lurid-flowered Cymbidium; cyrtochilum maculatum ecornutum, Spotted Cyrtochilum hornless variety; cystanthe sprengelioides, Sprengelia-like Cystanthe; dahlia glabrata, Smooth Dwarf Dahlia; dendrobium aggregatum, Close-flowered Dendrobium; dendrobium moschatum, Musk-smelling Dendrobium; deutzia scabra, Rough-leaved Deutzia; diplacus puniceus, Scarlet-flowered Diplacus; dracopis amplexicaulis, Stem-clasping-leaved Dracopis; echinocactus tubiflorus, Tube-flowered Spine-Cactus; edwardsia macnabiana, Mr Macnab's Edwardsia; elaeodendron capense, Cape Elaeodendron; elisena longipetala, Long-limb ed Elisena; epacris microphylla, Small-leaved Epacris; epacris obtusifolia, Blunt-leaved Epacris; epidendrum cepiforme, Onion-rooted Epidendrum; epidendrum densiflorum, Cluster-flowered Epidendrum; epidendrum floribundum, Many-flowered Epidendrum; epidendrum papillosum, Warty-fruited Epidendrum; epidendrum parkinsonianum, Mr Parkinson's Epidendrum; epidendrum patens, Spreading-flowered Epidendrum; epidendrum tesselatum, Chequer-flowered Epidendrum; epidendrum viridi-purpureum, Purplish-green Epidendrum; epimedium musschianum, White-flowered Barren-wort; epimedium violaceum, Purple Barren-wort; epiphyllum russellianum, Duke of Bedford's Epiphyllum; erica florida campanulata, Drooping Round-headed Heath bell-flowered variety; erysimum perofskianum, Deep Orange-flowered Treacle-mustard; euphorbia jacquiniflora, Jacquinia-flowered Euphorbia or Spurge; euterpe montana, Mountain Euterpe; eutoca divaricata, Straggling Eutoca; eutoca menziesii, Mr Menzies' Eutoca; francoa ramosa, White-flowered Francoa; fuchsia fulgens, Glowing Fuchsia; funckia albo-marginata, Variegated Funckia; funckia sieboldiana, Dr Siebold's Funckia; galactodendron utile, Palo de Vaca or Cow Tree of Caracas; gardoquia betonicoides, Betony-like Gardoquia; gardoquia multiflora, Many-flowered Gardoquia; gelasine azurea, Azure Gelasine; geranium cristatum, Crested-Seeded Crane's-Bill; gesnera fascialis, Gaping-flowered Gesnera; gesnera marchii, Mr March's Gesnera; gesnera tuberosa, Tuberous-rooted Gesnera; gesneria cochlearis, Spoon-leaved Gesneria; gesneria elongata, gesnera elongated; gesneria mollis, Soft-leaved Gesneria; gesneria stricta, Upright Gesneria; gladiolus mortonius, Mr Morton's Gladiolus; gongora maculata, Spotted Gongora; gonolobus hispidus, Hispid Gonolobus; govenia gardneri, Mr Gardner's Brazilian Govenia; grabowskia duplicata, Toothed Grabowskia; grevillea dubia, Dubious Grevillea; grindelia inuloides, Flea-bane-like Grindelia; haemanthus tenuiflorus mozambicensis, Narrow-flowered Haemanthus Mozambic variety; hakea dactyloides, Finger-leaved Hakea; helianthus mollis, Soft-leaved Sunflower; helichrysum niveum, Snowy-flowered Helichrysum; herbertia pulchella et caerulea, Pretty and blue Herbertia; heterotropa asaroides, Asarabacca-like Heterotropa; hippeastrum solandriflorum, Solandra flowered Hippeastrum; hologymne glabrata, Glabrous Hologymne; hoteia barbata, Bearded Hoteia; hymenoxys californica, Californian Hymenoxys; hypoxis stellipilis, Starry-haired Hypoxis; ipomoea bonariensis, Buenos-Ayres Ipomoea; ipomoea platensis, Plata Ipomoea; ismene macleana, Mr M'Lean's Amancaes; isomeris arborea, Tree-like Isomers; kennedya nigricans, Dingy-flowered Kennedya; laelia anceps, Two-edged Laelia; laelia autumnalis, Autumnal Laelia; laelia furfuracea, Scurfy-stalked Laelia; lasiandra petiolata, Petiolated Lasiandra; leonotis nepetaefolia, Catmint-leaved Leonotis; lepismium commune, Common Lepismium; lepismium myosurus, Mouse-tail Lepismium; leptoted bicolor glaucophylla, Two-coloured Leptotes glaucous-leaved variety; leycesteria formosa, Handsome Leycesteria; liatris propinqua, Sharp-scale spiked Liatris; lilium speciosum albiflorum, Crimson Japan Lily white-flowered variety; liparis walkeriae, Mrs Colonel Walker's Liparis; lisianthus russellianus, Duke of Bedford's Lisianthus; loasa lateritia, Red-flowered Loasa; lobelia bridgesii, Mr Bridges' Lobelia; lobelia heterophylla, Various-leaved Lobelia; lophospermum scandens, Climbing Lophospermum; macropodium nivale, Siberian macropodium; malva creeana, Showy Red-flowered Mallow; malva lateritia, Pale Red-flowered Mallow; malva purpurata, Purple Mallow; mammillaria atrata, Dark-green Mammillaria; mammillaria floribunda, Copious-flowering Mammillaria; mammillaria lehmanni, Lehmann's Mammillaria; mammillaria tenuis, Taper Mammillaria; mandevilla suaveolens, Sweet-scented Mandevilla; marica gracilis, Slender-stemmed Marica; marica humilis lutea, Humble Marica yellow variety; marshallia caespitosa, Tufted Marshallia; maxillaria aureo-fulva, Golden-brown Maxillaria; maxillaria stapelioides, Stapelia-like Maxillaria; melocactus depressus, Depressed Melocactus; merendera caucasica, Caucasian Merendera; miltonia candida flavescens, White-lipped Milton yellow variety; monacanthus bushnani, Mr Bushnan's Monk-flower; monachanthus fimbriatus, Fimbriated Monk-flower; monachanthus longifolius, Long-leaved Monk-flower; monachanthus roseo-albus, White and Rose-coloured Monk-Flower; monolopia major, Larger Monolopia; mormodes pardina unicolor, Leopard-spotted Mormodes whole-coloured variety; musa superba, Superb Plantain Tree; myanthus spinosus, Spine-bearing Fly-wort; nelumbium luteum, Yellow Nelumbium; nemophila atomaria, Spotted-flowered Nemophila; oenothera bifrons, Heart-leaved Evening-Primrose; oncidium concolor, One-coloured Oncidium; oncidium forbesii, Mr Forbes' Oncidium; oncidium huntianum, Mr Hunt's Oncidium; oncidium macrantherum, Large-anthered Oncidium; oncidium pachyphyllum, Thick-leaved Oncidium; oncidium papilio limbatum, Butterfly Oncidium broad-bordered variety; oncidium raniferum major, Frog-flowered Oncidium larger variety; oncidium wrayae, Mrs Wray's Oncidium; orthosiphon incurvus, Incurved Orthosiphon; osbeckia canescens, Hoary-leaved Osbeckia; oxalis barrelieri, Barrelier's Shrubby Wood-Sorrel; passiflora incarnata, Yellow-fruited Virginian Passion-flower; passiflora mooreana, Mr Moore's Passion-flower; passiflora nigelliflora, Nigella-flowered Passion-flower; passiflora onychina, Lieut Sulivan's Passion-flower; passiflora tucumanensis, Large-stipuled Passion-flower; pavonia schrankii, Schrank's Pavonia; pentstemon diffusus, Speading Pentstemon; pentstemon gentianoides, Gentian-like Pentstemon; pentstemon glandulosum, Glandular Pentstemon; pentstemon heterophyllus, Various-leaved Pentstemon; phacelia tanacetifolia, Tansy-leaved Phacelia; phalocallis plumbea, Lead-coloured Phalocallis; phlogacanthus curviflorus, Curved-flowered Phlogacanthus; pimelea hendersoni, Mr Henderson's Pimelea; pimelea nana, Dwarf Pimelea; platystemon leiocarpum, Smooth-fruited Platystemon; pleurothallis grobyi, Groby Pleurothallis; polystachia grandiflora, Large-flowered Polystachya; potentilla glabra, Glabrous Potentilla; pyrus arbutifolia, Arbutus-leaved Aronia; rehmannia chinensis, Chinese Rehmannia; rhododendron albiflorum, White-flowered Rhododendron; rhododendron arboreum cinnamomeum floribus roseis, Tree Rhododendron Cinnamon-leaved variety with rose-coloured flowers; rhododendron campanulatum, Bell-flowered Rhododendron; rhododendron caucasicum hybridum, Hybrid variety of Rhododendron Caucasicum; rhododendron nudiflorum scintillans hybridium, Sparkling Rhododendron; ruellia ciliatiflora, Fringe-flowered Ruellia; salvia patens, Speading Sage; schomburgkia marginata petalis sepalisque immarginatis, Margined Schomburgkia; senecio heritieri cyanophthalmus, Heritier's Groundsel blue-eyed variety; sida picta, Painted-flowered Sida; solanum campanulatum, Bell-flower Solanum; solanum crispum, Wavy Solanum; solanum fragrans, Fragrant South American Nigthshade; sophronitis cernua, Drooping-flowered Sophronitis; sophronitis grandiflora, Large-flowered Sophronitis; spathodea pentandra, Five-stamened Spathodea; sprekelia cybister, Tumbler Sprekelia; statice arborea, Gigantic Canary Thrift; statice puberula, Downy-leaved Canary Thrift; stenomesson latifolium, Wide-leaved Stenomesson; stevia breviaristata, Short-awned Stevia; stevia trachelioides, Trachelium-leaved Stevia; stylidium fasciculatum, Fascicled-leaved Stylidium; tagetes corymbosa, Corymb-flowered Marygold; tofieldia pubens, Downy-stalked American Asphodel; torenia cordifolia, Heart-leaved Torenia; tourrettia lappacea, Bur-fruited Tourrettia; trichopilia tortilis, Twisted-petaled Trichopilia; trifolium hybridum, Mule White Trefoil or Tall Dutch Clover; tropaeolum bachyceras, Short-spurred Indian-Cress; tropaeolum moritzianum, Mr Moritz' Indian Cress; tropaeolum tuberosum, Large-rooted Indian-Cress; tweedia versicolor, Changeable-flowered Tweedia; verbascum tauricum, Taurian Mullein; verbena incisa, Cut-leaved Melindres; verbena teucrioides, Germander-leaved Varvain; veronica prostrata satureiaefolia, Prostrate Speedwell Savory-leaved variety; zygopetalon maxillare, Tree-Fern Zygopetalon; zygopetalon murrayanum, Mr Murray's Zygopetalum; zygopetalum africanum, African Zygopetalum.

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