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Instant digital download of 209 vintage pictures of flowers in high resolution (300 dpi, sizes from 2000x3500 px to 3300x4200 px). Look at pictures to see sizes in pixels (click "Zoom", divide size in pixels on 300 - you'll get size of print in inches with high quality, ex. 2400/300=8''). Total size of the collection is 248 Mb.

Each file has a name of shown plant in English and Latin (ex. "001-iris persica, Persian Iris.jpg"). Names of shown plants are listed below, at the end of description.

All images are in JPG format, separate files. Perfect for use in crafting, decoupage, collage, altered art, prints, etc. Images are in public domain in USA and may be used for any personal or commercial purposes. Information about source books is included.

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Digital download (TXT file with link on file in zip format on dropbox and google drive, and gallery view). Before purchase, please, make sure that you are able to download large size files. Download may take long time some cases.

NAMES of shown plants:
acacia leptoneura, Slender-nerved Acacia; acacia oncinophylla, Hook-leaved Acacia; acanthophippium javanicum, Javanese Acanthophippium; achimenes ocellata, Eyeletted Achimenes; aerides crispum, Sir Richard Brooke's Air-Plant; aeschinanthus javanicus, Java Aeschinanthus; allamanda aubletii, Aublet's Allamanda; allamanda schottii, Large-flowered erect Allamanda; alloplectus capitatus, Capitate Alloplectus; alloplectus concolor, Whole-coloured Alloplectus; almeidea rubra, Red-flowered Almeidea; amherstia nobilis, Splendid Amherstia; anastatica hierochuntica, Rose of Jericho; angraecum caudatum, Long-tailed Angraecum; anigozanthos tyrianthina, Tyrian-purple-flowered Anigozanthos; anopterus glandulosus, Glandular-leaved Anopterus; aquilegia leptoceras, Slender-spurred Columbine; arisaema murrayi, Dr Murray's Arisaema; aristolochia anguicida, Snake-Aristolochia or Birthwort; aristolochia grandiflora, Pelican-flower or Poison Hog-meat; aristolochia macradenia, Large glanduled Birthwort; arnebia echioides, Echium-like Arnebia; asclepias douglasii, Douglas' Ascelpias; astrapaea viscosa, Viscid Astrapaea; asystasia scandens, Climbing Asystasia; azalea argyrophylla, Silver-leaved Acacia; begonia cinnabarina, Cinnabar-flowered Elephant's Ear; bejaria coarctata, Close-flowered Bejaria; bertolonia maculata, Spotted-leaved Bertolonia; bolbophyllum lobbii, Mr Lobb's Bolbophyllum; brachysema aphyllum, Leafless Brachysema; brassavola digbyana, Mr Digby's Brassavola; burtonia pulchella, Beautiful Burtonia; burtonia villosa, Villous Burtonia; calanthe masuca, Purple-flowered Calanthe; calceolaria pavonii, Pavon's Slipperwort; calliandra brevipes, Short-peduncled Calliandra; cantua pyrifolia, Pear-leaved Cantua; centrosolenia glabra, Glabrous-leaved Centrosolenia; cephalotaxus fortuni, Mr Fortune's Cephalotaxus; cereus leeanus, Mr Lee's Cereus; cereus reductus, Dingy Cereus; cereus tweediei, Mr Tweedie's Golden-flowered Cereus; ceropegia cumingiana, Mr Cuming's Ceropegia; chirita moonii, Mr Moon's Chirita; cirrhopetalum fimbriatum, Fimbriated Cirrhopetalum; cirrhopetalum macraei, Mr M'Rae's Cirrhopetalum; cirrhopetalum nutans, Drooping-flowered Cirrhopetalum; clematis graveolens, Heavy-scented Traveller's Joy; clematis indivisa lobata, Undivided-leaved Clematis lobed variety; clerodendron bethuneanum, Captain Bethune's Clerodendron; clerodendron capitatim, Capitate Clerodendron; clerodendron scandens, Climbing Clerodendron; coccoloba macrophylla, Large-leaved Sea-side Grape; coelogyne fuliginosa, Dark-flowered Coelogyne; coelogyne wallichii, Dr Wallich's Coelogyne; colquhounia coccinea, Scarlet-flowered Colquhounia; corynocarpus laevigata, Smooth-leaved Coynocarpus; cupania cunninghami, Mr Cunningham's Cupania; cuphea silenoides, Catchflya Cuphea; curcuma cordata, Heart-leaved Curcuma; cychnoches barbatum, Bearded Cychnoches; cyrtanthera aurantiaca, Orange-flowered Cyrtanthera; cyrtanthera catalpaefolia; cyrtochilum citrinum, Lemon-coloured Cyrtochilum; dendrobium cambridgeanum, Duke of Cambridge's Dendrobium; dendrobium devonianum, Duke of Devonshire's Dendrobium; dendrobium kingianum, Captain King's Dendrobium; dendrobium secundum, One-sided Dendrobium; dendrobium tortile, Twisted-petaled Dendrobium; dielytra spectabilis, Moutan Dielytra; diplandenia urophylla, Taper-pointed Dipladenia; dipteracanthus spectabilis, Handsome-flowered Dipteracanthus; echinocactus chlorophthalmus, Green-eyed Echinocactus; echinocactus rhodophthalmus, Red-eyed Echinocactus; echinopsis cristata purpurea, Crested Echinopsis purple-flowered variety; echites franciscea floribus sulphureis, River Francisco Echites sulphur-coloured variety; epimedium pinnatum, Pinnate-leaved Epimedium; episcia bicolor, Two-coloured Episcia; eriopsis rutidogulbon, Rough-stalked Eriopsis; eriostemon intermedium, Intermediate Eriostemon; escallonia macrantha, Large red-flowered Escallonia; espeletia argentea, Silvery Espeletia; eugenia brasiliensis, Brazilian Eugenia; exacum zeylanicum; freziera theoides, Tea-leaved Freziera; fuchsia bacillaris, Red-branched Fuchsia; fuchsia spectabilis, Showy Fuchsia; gaultheria bracteata, Bracteated Gaultheria; gesneria libanensis, Many-flowered Gesneria; gesneria pardina, Leopard-spotted Gesneria; gesneria picta, Painted Gesneria; gesneria seemanni, Mr Seemann's Gesneria; gloxinia fimbriata, Fimbriated Gloxinia; gmelina rheedii, Rheede's Gmelina; goldfussia isophylla, Equal-leaved Goldfussia; gonolobus martianus, Dr von Martius' Gonolobus; gordonia javanica, Javanese Entire-leaved Gordonia; gynoxys fragrans, Fragrant Gynoxys; hakea cucullata, Cucullate-leaved Hakea; hedychium chrysoleucum, Golden and white Garland-flower; heliconia angustifolia, Narrow-leaved Heliconia; heterotrichum macrodon, Long-toothed Heterotrichum; hibiscus ferox, Stinging Hibiscus; hoya bella, Beautiful Hoya; hoya campanulata, Bell-flowered Hoya; hoya cinnamomifolia, Cinnamon-leaved Hoya; hoya coriacea, Coriaceous-leaved Hoya; hoya imperialis, Imperial Hoya; hoya purpureo-fusca, Brown purple-flowered Hoya; hypocyrta glabra, Shining-leaved Hypocyrta; hypocyrta gracilis, Slender Hypocyrta; iambosa malaccensis, Malay-Apple; impatiens repens, Creeping Balsam; isopogon attenuatus, Attenuated-leaved Isopogon; ixora barbata, Bearded Ixora; ixora lanceolaria, Lance-leaved Ixora; ixora laxiflora, lax-flowered Ixora; ixora salicifolia, Willow-leaved Ixora; jatropha podagrica, Gouty-stalked Jatropha; lacepedea insignis, Fragrant Lacepedea; lagetta lintearia, Jamaica Lace-Bark; lapageria rosea, Rose-coloured Lapageria; lardizabala biternata, Biternate-leaved Lardizabala; leuchtenbergia principis, Noble Leuchtenbergia; lisianthus pulcher, Beautiful Lisianthus; lithospermum canescens, Hoary Gromwell; loasa picta, Painted-flowered Loasa; lopimia malacophylla, Soft-leaved Lopimia; luvunga scandens, Scandent Luvunga; lycaste skinneri, Mr Skinner's Lycaste; macleania punctata, Dotted-leaved Macleania; mamillaria clava, Club-shaped Mamillaria; mangifera indica, Mango Tree; maxillaria acicularis, Needle-leaved Maxillaria; maxillaria leptosepala, Narrow-sepaled Maxillaria; medinilla magnifica, Magnificent Medinilla; metrosideros buxifolia, Box-leaved Metrosideros; metrosideros florida, Copious-flowering Metrosideros; metrosideros tomentosa, Downy-leaved Metrosideros; microsperma bartonioides, Bartonia-like Microsperma; miltonia spectabilis purpureo-violacea, Showy Miltonia purple-violet variety; mirbelia meisneri, Meisner's Mirbelia; mitraria coccinea, Scarlet Mitraria; mormodes lentiginosa, Freckled Mormodes; napoleona imperialis, Imperial Napoleona; nematanthus ionema, Dark blood-coloured Ionema; nymphaea ampla, Broad-leaved Water-Lily; nymphaea micrantha, Small-flowered proliferous Water-Lily; oberonia iridifolia, Iris-leaved Oberonia; ochna atro-purpurea, Dark-purple Ochna; ophelia corymbosa, Corymbose Ophelia; opuntia salmiana, Prince de Salm's Opuntia; orothamnus zeyheri, Mr Zeyher's Orothamnus; oxalis elegans, Elegant Wood-Sorrel; oxypetalum solanoides, Solanum-like Oxypetalum; oxyspora vagans, Weak-stemmed Oxyspora; pachira alba, White-flowered Pachira; pachira longifolia, Long-flowered Pachira; pachystigma pteleoides, Ptelea-leaved Pachystigma; passiflora amabilis, White-crowned Passion-flower; pentstemon cordifolius, Heart-leaved Pentstemon; pentstemon cyananthus, Azure-flowered Pentstemon; pesomeria tetragona, Square-stalked Pesomeria; pimelea macrocephala, Large-headed Pimelea; pitcairnia jacksoni, Mr Jackson's Pitcairnia; pleroma kunthianum, Professor Kunth's Pleroma; portlandia platantha, Broad-flowered Portlandia; primula capitata, Round-headed mealy Primrose; primula stuartii, Stuart's Primrose; rhododendron clivianum, Duchess of Northumberland's Rhododendron; rhododendron formosum, Beautiful Rhododendron; rhododendron jasminiflorum, Jassamine-flowered Rhododendron; rhododendron nilagiricum, Neelgherry Rhododendron; rhodoleia championi, Captain Champion's Rhodoleia; roupellia grata, Cream-fruit; sampylobotrys discolor, Two-coloured Campylobotrys; sauromatium guttatum, Spotted Sauromatium; schomburgkia tibicinis grandiflora, Trumpet Schomburgkia Large-flowered variety; scutellaria macrantha, Large-flowered Skull-cap; sida abutilon integerrima, Entire-leaved Sida; sida abutilon venosa, Veiny-petaled Sida; siphocampylos manettlaeflorus, Manettia-flowered Siphocampylos; smeathmannia pubescens, Downy Smeathmannia; sobralia macrantha, Large-flowered Sobralis; solandra laevis, Smooth-leaved Solandra; sonerila stricta, Upright Sonerila; spathodea laevis, Smooth-leaved Spathodea; stemonacanthus macrophyllus, Large-flowered Stemonacanthus; stifftia chrysantha, Golden-flowered Stifftia; strobilanthes lactatus, Milky-leaved Strobilanthes; stylidium mucronifolium, Bristle-pointed Stylidium; stylidium saxifragoides, Saxifrage-like Stylidium; swainsona greyana, Grey's Swainsona; tabernaemontana longiflora, Long-flowered Tabernaemontana; tetrazygia elaeagnoides, Elaeagnus-like Tetrazygia; thyrsacanthus bracteolatus, Bracteolated Thyrsacanthus; thyrsacanthus strictus, Upright Thyrse-flower; tropaeolum smithii, Sir James Smith's Nasturtium; tupa crassicaulis, Thick-stemmed Tupa; valoradia plumbaginoides, Leadwort-like Valoradia; vanda tricolor, Three-coloured Vanda; veronica formosa, Handsome Speedwell; vriesia glaucophylla, Glaucous-leaved Vriesia; vriesia speciosa, Showy Vriesia; weigela rosea, Rose-coloured Weigela; zauschneria californica latifolia, Californian Zauschneria broad-leaved variety; zieria macrophylla, Large-leaved Zieria.

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