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Table Square, Hand Embroidered, Rust and Ecru, 37 x 37

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+ $8.95 shipping


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Cross-stitched roses, stems and leaves forming a border around a window pane effect makes for a delightful tea table linen! Just right for having tea with a few friends, and it is in great vintage condition.

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Top 10 Blue Willow Tea Shop Policies:

1.Please read all Shop Policies and my Profile. Lots of helpful and illuminating information is to be found in these sections.

2. Read and understand the measurements included in each listing. Please be sure to compare the measurements of the tea cozies I offer with your teapot. And a note about "cups": teacups hold 6 oz (so a 4 cup teapot holds at least 24 oz.) and the children's teacups I offer usually hold 4 oz. On occasion I list children's teacups holding 2 or 3 oz. of liquid and if this is the case I will note it in the listing.

3. Shop Sections: these are on the left side of the opening page (Pink Tea, Blue Tea....). I have located many items under the three most popular colors for vintage china - pink, blue and brown. The fourth "color" is Jumble Tea meaning mixed colors. I stole the term "jumble" from the British term "jumble sale" which is our rummage sale, tag sale etc. Be sure to check the Children's section even if you are not shopping for children. I have re-purposed many small-sized adult items for children simply because they are the correct size for kids to actually have a tea. You may find some items in this section that will work well for you. The Resources section contains vintage books that I can recommend to you on aspects of tea enjoyment.

4. Condition of items: The Blue Willow Tea Shop sells two types of items - vintage and handmade. Basically, on vintage items, I end each listing with either "Great vintage condition" or "Pristine vintage condition". "Great" means vintage but no flaws and "pristine" means vintage but looks new. If I am selling an item with a minor flaw I will describe it and allay any fears that it is a deal breaker. Certainly one of the attractions for me as a seller on Etsy is the ability to find wonderful vintage items and give them another life with a new owner. Many vintage items are made with the kinds of skills we don't see today nor will we in the future. I for one am more than willing to buy and use a well-made beautiful vintage item that has a tiny flaw that no one else is even going to notice. I assume if you are an Etsy buyer you feel the same way. At any rate, flaws are stated in listings. Handmade items are made by me, and these are exclusively tea cozies at the moment. I don't know if I'll stray farther than tea cozies in the future, but who knows. I use a pattern bought from another Etsy seller. The fabric is usually linen or cotton and often vintage. Some of these tea cozies are created using a vintage linen hand-embroidered tea towel for the front side. There are an awful lot of silly-looking tea cozies out there but that's not the road I'm going down. Other components of these creations are vintage buttons, grosgrain ribbon and fiberfill for its insulating ability.

5. Linen: my favorite fabric hands down. Linen is made from flax, which is a plant fiber. Sometimes you will find slubs (uneven spots) in the weave of linen material or you may even find a little piece of flax in the weave. This is normal and not a flaw, just linen being linen.

6. Care of linens (tablecloths, napkins, hand towels etc.): A few items I offer are a cotton/poly blend. These items just wash and dry normally. Everything else is either made of linen or cotton. Here is how to care for them: wash in cold water with a mild detergent on the gentle cycle. Remove and shake out all wrinkles. With your hands, take each side of the item and stretch it tight. For large items, hang it over the metal sliding door of an enclosed shower/tub if you have one or a deck railing or any long flat surface. Air drying is best. If you need to use a dryer, use a low setting. Small items: after stretching each side find spots around the house to hang and air dry. Once dry, fold into a convenient storage size and do a lot of "finger pressing" - use your fingers to crease and press down the fabric. Many times following the above regimen is all you have to do - no ironing needed! Spot treatment is a subject too large to tackle here. I refer you to "Martha Stewart's Homekeeping Handbook" which
was published in 2006.

7. Care of tea cozies: all components (except fiberfill and ribbon) have been washed before I start to work on a tea cozy. After you receive your tea cozy and use it to the point where you feel it needs cleaning, you can either spot-clean it or hand wash it. To spot clean use warm water, mild detergent and a wash cloth; for tough spots consult the reference mentioned in #6 above. To hand wash, submerge the tea cozy in a basin of warm water and mild detergent and agitate gently. Rinse thoroughly. Press moisture out with towels, don't wring it. If it has a ribbon topknot straighten and press that into shape with your fingers. To dry for both of the above cleaning methods: place the tea cozy over something tall like a wide-mouth vase. Straighten it out and shape it carefully. Let it air dry. If necessary, press it with an iron when it is dry.

8. Where do I get my stuff? My eyes are open everywhere I go! I have given a lot of teas and often serve tea to my family and friends. I know the types of things that work well for enjoying tea and I can visualize a tea use for something perhaps not usually thought of for that purpose. We have a great Sunday morning flea market nearby so I always go to that. Yard sales, estate sales, consignment shops, church sales, goodwill shops, auctions and eBay are other sources. Once I get something home I wash it right away and really take a look at it. This decides the next step: is it good enough for The Blue Willow Tea Shop? Often the washing step yields a surprise, one way or the other! If it doesn't pass the wash test I donate it to the local goodwill store.

9. Children: one of the ways The Blue Willow Tea Shop is special is its collection of child-size items for serving tea. I have seen so many "children's tea sets" that are just pretend toy sets with cups and teapots so small no real tea drinking would be possible. Children love having a real tea party and in doing so they are experiencing some wonderful benefits! They are learning table manners and how to set a table, how to hold a conversation , how to use their imagination, how to be self-sufficient and how nice it is to do something other than watch TV, text or play a video game. If you have a child, grandchild or niece or nephew, tea items make a great gift with the added fun ahead of planning their own tea party!.

10. Another distinctive element of The Blue Willow Tea Shop is that I am happy to help with any tea questions. If you are starting from scratch and need advice on what you'll need or want to run your tea menu by me please let me know.