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Instant digital download of 203 vintage pictures of fishes in high resolution (300 dpi, sizes from 2600x3700 px to 5600x3800 px). Look at pictures to see sizes in pixels (click "Zoom", divide size in pixels on 300 - you'll get size of print in inches with high quality, ex. 2400/300=8''). Total size of the collection is 366 Mb.

Each file has a name of shown fish (ex. "Fourhorn Sculpin.jpg" or "salmo salar.jpg"). Names of shown species are listed below, at the end of description.

All images are in JPG format, separate files. Perfect for use in crafting, decoupage, collage, altered art, prints, etc. Images are in public domain in USA and may be used for any personal or commercial purposes. Information about source books is included.

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Digital download (TXT file with link on file in zip format on dropbox and google drive, and gallery view). Before purchase, please, make sure that you are able to download large size files. Download may take long time some cases.

NAMES of shown fishes:
Acanthurus Lineolatus, Achilles Tang, Acipenser Sturio, Alligator Pipefish, Alligatorfish, Almorha Loach, American Toad-Fish, Ammodytes Tobianus, Anarhichas Lupus, Angel Fish, Antennated Grooper, Apogon A Taches Noires (Fr), Apogon D'aroub (Fr), Apogon Graeffii, Arc-Eye Hawkfish, Arctic Char, Atlantic Salmon, Atoll Butterflyfish, Balance Fish, Balistes (Anacanthus) Barbatus, Balistes Ambomensis, Balistes Gubarmatus, Banded Angelfish, Banded Knifefish, Bandtail Puffer, Belted Shark, Beluga, Bignose Unicornfish, Bitter Carp, Black Blotch Emperor, Black Butterflyfish, Black Ghost, Black Surgeonfish, Black-Edged Sweeper, Blackfin Squirrelfish, Blacksaddle Grouper, Blackspot Goatfish, Blacktip Grouper, Blackwedged Butterflyfish, Bleak, Blennius Gunellus, Blue Goby, Blue Shark, Bluegill Longfin, Blueside Wrasse, Bluestriped Butterflyfish, Bounce, Bridled Cardinalfish, Bristle-Tail File-Fish, Broadbanded Cardinalfish, Broadnosed Pipefish, Bullhead, Caesio Argenteus, Cataphractus Costatus, Cataphractus Punctatus, Centrina, Centriscus Scolopax, Centriscus Scutatus, Centropriste Tasmanien (Fr), Chaetodon Bennettii, Chaetodon Plebejus, Chaetodon Plumieri, Chaetodon Rhomboides, Cheilinus Bifasciatus, Cheilinus Melanopleura, Chevron Butterflyfish, Chilodactylus Vittatus, Chimaera Callorhynchus, Chimaera Monstrosa, Chocolate Surgeonfish, Chondrostoma Dilloni, Cirrhites Forsteri, Cirrhites Maculatus, Cirrhites Melanotus, Clearfin Squirrelfish, Clingfish, Clown Knifefish, Coal-Fish, Common Eagle Ray, Common Seadragon, Coral Hind, Cramp-Fish, Cuckold Fish, Cuckold-Fish, Cyclopterus Liparis, Cyclopterus Lumpus, Cyprinus Alburnus, Cyprinus Amarus, Cyprinus Aphya, Cyprinus Auratus, Cyprinus Bipunctatus, Cyprinus Buggenhagii, Cyprinus Chedra, Cyprinus Dobula, Cyprinus Erythrophthalinus, Cyprinus Gobio, Cyprinus Hamiltonii, Cyprinus Leuciscus, Cyprinus Morala, Cyprinus Nasus, Cyprinus Orfus, Cyprinus Phoxinus, Cyprinus Tileo, Cyprinus Vimba, Dace, Dark Moray, Darkfin Hind, Delphinus Phocoena, Diacope De Viti (Fr), Diagramma Bossu (Fr), Diagramma Orientale, Diodon Atinga, Diodon Mola, Diodon Orbicularis, Dobul, Doctorfish, Dotted Butterflyfish, Dotted Harness-Fish, Doublebar Goatfish, Doules Borde (Fr), Doules De Guam (Fr), Doules De Vanicolo (Fr), Doules Malo (Fr), Dules Argenteus, Eastern Blue Devil, Eastern Red Scorpionfish, Eel, Elongate Ilisha, Embrio Squali Pristis, Embrio Squali, Emperor Angelfish, Essox Oseus, European Barracuda, European Conger, Evileye Blaasop, Eyestripe Surgeonfish, Fire Flaire, Flame Angel, Fourfinger Threadfin, Fourhorn Sculpin, Fourspot Butterflyfish, Gadus Callarias, Gadus Carbonarius, Gadus Merlangus, Gadus Minutus, Gangetic Ailia, Garfish, Gasterobranchus Coecus, Gasterobranchus Dombeyi, Gasteropelecus, Glasseye, Glyphisodon A Bandes Blanches (Fr), Glyphisodon Neigeux (Fr), Glyphisodon Orbiculaire (Fr), Gobius Jozo, Gold Fish, Gold-Saddle Goatfish, Grammistes Punctatus, Grayling, Gray's Stone Loach, Greater Pipefish, Greater Weever, Guacari, Guam Scorpionfish, Gudgeon, Gwiniad, Gyrinus Mexicanus, Harress-Pike, Heuch, Highfin Grouper, Hog Fish, Holacanthus Bicolor, Holacanthus Luteolus, Holocentrum Erythraum, Hooknose, Horn-Fish, Huchen, Humpback Turretfish, Humpbacked Scorpionfish, Indian Goatfish, Indian Mottled Eel, Indian Soapfish, Insular Shelf Beauty, Johnius Brilliant (Fr), Julis Hardwickii, Julis Viridis, Ladyfish, Lamprey, Largehead Hairtail, Largescale Foureyes, Latticed Butterflyfish, Launce, Leaf Scorpionfish, Leopard Hind, Lepadogaster Gouani, Lesser Lamprey, Lesser Rough Hound, Lesson's Thicklip, Lethrinus Banhamensis, Lined Butterflyfish, Lined Surgeonfish, Little Spinefoot, Long Snouted Lancetfish, Longnose Surgeonfish, Longspine Snipefish, Longtail Seamouth, Lookdown, Lophius Histrio, Lophius Piscatorius, Lophius Vespertilio, Loricaria Plecostomus, Lowfin Scorpionfish, Lump, Lumpfish, Mangrove Red Snapper, Marbled Swamp Eel, Masked Bannerfish, Merou A Bandes Noires (Fr), Mesoprion Allonge (Fr), Mesoprion Argente (Fr), Mesoprion Bohar, Mesoprion Gibbus, Mesoprion Marginatus, Mesoprion Semicinctus, Millet Butterflyfish, Mulloides Ruber, Muraena Anguilla, Myripristis Murdjan Adusta, Mystus Karipat, Naseus Lituratus, Naseus Marginatus, Naseus Tuberosus, Naseus Unicornis, Needle Fish, New Guinea Wrasse, Nile Bichir, Northern Puffer, Nosed Carp, One-Spot Snapper, Ophisurus Hurancha, Orange-Striped Emperor, Orbiculate Cardinalfish, Orf, Ornamented Bearded Shark, Ornate Butterflyfish, Ostracion Cornutus, Ostracion Cubicus, Ostracion Quadricornis, Ostracion Trigonum, Ostracion Trigonus, Ostracion Triqueter, Ovoides Fasciatus, Painted Sweetlip, Palette Surgeonfish, Pebbled Butterflyfish, Pegasus Draconis, Pennant Coralfish, Pentapus Aurolineatus, Perca Asper, Perca Zingel, Petromizon Marinus, Petromyzon Branchialis, Petromyzon Fluviatilis, Petromyzon Planeri, Picked Dog, Pikehead, Pinecone Soldierfish, Pink or Minnow, Pipe Fish, Platycephalus Spatula, Poisoned Grooper, Pomacentre D'hogoleu (Fr), Poor, Prickly Bottle Fish, Pride, Pugnose Ponyfish, Punctuated Carp, Purple Spaghetti-Eel, Putitor Mahseer, Rabbit Fish, Raccoon Butterflyfish, Radial Firefish, Raia Oxyrinchus, Raja Batis, Raja Clavata, Raja Pastinaca, Raja Rhinobates, Raja Rubus, Raja Torpedo, Ramcarat Grenadier Anchovy, Red Mullet, Redbarred Hawkfish, Redtail Butterflyfish, Regal Angelfish, Ribbed Harness-Fish, Ribbontail Stingray, Rice-Paddy Eel, Ringtail Surgeonfish, River Lamprey, Roudi Escolar, Rough Ray, Rough Triggerfish, Rud, Sabre Squirrelfish, Saddle Butterflyfish, Sailfin Snapper, Salmo Hucho, Salmo Lavaretus, Salmo Salar, Salmo Salvelinus, Salmo Schifermulleri, Salmo Thymallus, Salmo Umbla, Salmo Wartmannii, Salvelin, Samoan Cardinalfish, Sapphire Damsel, Sargassum Pipefish, Sargassum Triggerfish, Saw-Fish, Scorpaena Antennata, Scorpaena Scrosa, Scyllum Maculatum, Scyllum Ornatum, Sea Adder, Sea Devil, Sea Horse, Sea-Bat, Sea-Fox, Sebastes Norvegi, Sergeant-Major, Serran De Lebreton (Fr), Serran Roux (Fr), Serranus Guttatus Argus, Serranus Guttatus, Serranus Summana, Shanny, Sharp Nosed-Ray, Shaw's Shovelnose Guitar Fish, Shortnose Boxfish, Short-Nosed Tripodfish, Shy Soldier, Singel, Siren Lacertinus, Sisor Rabdophorus, Sixblotch Hind, Skate, Sky Emperor, Slender Silver-Biddy, Small Sandeel, Smallmouth Squirrelfish, Smooth Trunkfish, Snake Mackerel, Snowtrout, Spatularia Reticulata, Speckled Blue Grouper, Speckled Butterflyfish, Sphagebranchus Rostratus, Spheroides Tuberculatus, Spined Loach, Spot-Fin Porcupinefish, Spotted Bearded Shark, Spotted Cardinalfish, Spotted Coralgrouper, Spotted Snake Eel, Spotted Surgeonfish, Spotted Trunkfish, Spotted Unicornfish, Squalus Acanthias, Squalus Canicula, Squalus Carcharias, Squalus Catulus, Squalus Centrina, Squalus Fasciatus, Squalus Galeus, Squalus Glaucus, Squalus Squatina, Squalus Zygaena, Square-Fish, Squirrelfish, Stargazer, Starry Globe-Fish, Starspotted Grouper, Sterlet Sturgeon, Stocky Anthias, Stone Loach, Straightnose Pipefish, Streamlined Spinefoot, Striped Cowfish, Striped Globe Fish, Striped Seasnail, Striped Threadfin, Sturgeon, Sucker Head, Sun-Fish, Sunset Butterflyfish, Surge Grouper, Sword-Fish, Sygnathus Carce, Sygnathus Deokhata, Sygnathus Fasciatus, Sygnathus Hardwickii, Synanceia Grossa, Syngnathus Acus, Syngnathus Hippocampus, Syngnathus Ophidion, Syngnathus Pelagicus, Syngnathus Typhle, Tadpole Fish, Taenianotus Garretti, Tahiti Butterflyfish, Tetraodon Leiopleura, Tetrodon Hispidus, Tetrodon Lagocephalus, Tetrodon Lineatus, Tetrodon Testudineus, Therapon De Dubouzet (Fr), Thornback, Threadfin Butterflyfish, Threeband Pennantfish, Three-Lined Monocle Bream, Toadfish, Tope, Torsk, Triangular Boxfish, Triangular-Fish, Trichidion Microstoma, Trout Barb, Trunck-Fish, Twospined Angelfish, Unctuous Sucker, Upeneus Barberinus, Vimbe, Weather Cock, Weatherfish, Weedy Stingfish, White Shark, Whitecheek Surgeonfish, Whitespot Hawkfish, Whitespotted Surgeonfish, Whiting, Wolf Fish, Xiphias Gladius, Yellow Boxfish, Yellow Tang, Yellow-Edged Lyretail, Yellowstripe Goatfish.

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