VIDEO 16x12mm Top Gem Grade Australian Opal Triplets.Listed to sell w/ AmyKJewels Jewelry ONLY. NOT sold by itself! Thank you.

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Gem Grade UPGRADE for 16x12mm Top Gem Grade Natural Australian Opal Triplets.


Sorry, but these opals are ONLY for sale WITH my Jewelry!

(Every week people try to just buy the opal by itself anyway! LOL).

Unfortunately I will just have to refund your purchase if you try to buy these without a setting! Thank you.

The actual full price of the opal is calculated into the price of the Jewelry. This is just an UPGRADE fee on top of that base price.


Top Gem Grade Natural Australian Opal Triplets




1: Please cut and paste this link into your URL browser to view videos of available opals.

2: Then select opal by number in the menu option at checkout.


Opal is one of the most popular gemstones in the world. Precious Opals reveal many iridescent colors, which change as a stone is viewed from different angles.

Please look at all 5 pictures to see the different colors and hues of your opal.

Surprisingly, pure Opal matrix is primarily colorless, but minerals impart various colors to it ranging from reds and yellows to vibrant Blues and Greens. The reds come from iron oxides, the blacks from manganese oxides and carbon etc.

Australian Solid Black Opal: - Is rare and highly prized. All true Black Opals come from the famous Lightning Ridge Australian Opal Mine. They feature a very dark black to blue color back ground and can contain fiery colors of the entire rainbow. A Solid Black Opal this size would cost in the thousands of dollars.

Australian White Solid Opal has beautiful delicate light pastel colors accept when sliced and used in a Triplet.
Then the colors are Vivid and rival that of a Black Opal.

Australian Boulder Opal: Primarily Blue with red or orange and Green iridescent fire. A boulder opal has the opal stone matrix marbled throughout it.

Mexican Fire Opal features a yellow to deep orange or red colors in the highest end Mexican Fire Opals.

Ethiopian Opals feature an iridescent color from nature in a primarily clear or yellow matrix.

Australian Boulder Opal: Boulder opals are distinguished by their layer of solid brown "ironstone" on the back of the stone. Boulder opals are mined from large ironstone boulders under the ground. Thin veins of colorful opal forms in cracks in these boulders. Because these veins of color are so thin, opal cutters need to leave the ironstone on the back of the opal to form a full sized stone. The thin layer of opal in boulder opals can display any color of the spectrum in a beautiful play of color.

Opal Triplets:
I am sure you have rarely seen opal Triplets as vibrant as mine. Here's why.

These Top Quality Gem Grade Natural Australian Opal Triplets were made from opals mined at the famous Coober Pedy Australian Opal mine Valley. It was made into Triplet from to increase it's beauty, durability and to make a vivid colored Natural Opal available affordable price!

I special ordered these Opals from my Gemstone Cutter in Australia. He cut these opal Triplets from the absolutely Top Gem quality Grade Opal Rough. He set aside his “Cutters Choice” most beautiful and vibrant opals for me as he cuts his opals for other clients.

After a time, he has enough of these special "cutters choice" selections to make up a parcel for me.

I procure them for you so that you may have the most vibrant Opal Triplets available

It is rare to be in that position to pick from the cream of the crop before the gemstones do a rotation around the world on the gemstone market and all the good ones get picked through.

I guarantee you will love these beautiful Opal Triplets!

Buy a genuine gemstone as unique as you are. An Opal is a lifetime investment.

I go the extra mile and make some of my opals into Triplet form with a durable crystal clear cap.

Because I choose to make my Opal rings wearable on a Daily basis including in engagement and wedding rings, I like to provide the option to set an Opal Triplet in your ring if you so choose.

Making your opal into a Triplet intensifies the beauty of the opal's colors. The process helps the light reflect much more vivid colors than that type of opal would otherwise present.

You can be assured that you can wear your opal ring as safely in a hot tub as in the snow! Where as the beautiful opal underneath without a cap is almost guaranteed likely to crack if you did that.

The cap also makes this opal impact resistant. Which is a huge plus for opals. Making is Opal intoa triplet elevates it from a "special wear" ring to a daily wear ring. As a triplet you no longer have to worry about "whacking" your expensive ring on something and shattering or chipping your beautiful opal.

In addition to these obvious benefits, an opal Triplet is much more affordable than it's solid opal cousin.
Now more people can afford a beautiful opal.

I sell my opals and three grades Listed here from highest to lowest price:

AAA Known as "Top Gem Grade": Large Swaths of Multi color bright reds, and yellow fire over a Blue/ green iridescent background...

A Grade: Swaths of Multi Color Oranges and iridescent greens of color over Blue background.

B Grade: Features a Pin-Fire Multi-color pattern dominant in Iridescent Greens and Blues.

Enjoy your one-of-a-kiind heirloom quality handmade creation from California Artisan Amy Klitsner.

--live your dream

-with warm regards, Amy K

Amy K Jewels

Average review
Beautiful opal, just stunning, so much more than I anticipated.
Sep 22, 2017 by LD

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There are matching Genuine Australian Opal Earrings and Pendants in the shop for this item!

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Enjoy your one-of-a-kiind heirloom quality handmade creation from California Artisan Amy Klitsner.

--live your dream

-with warm regards, Amy K

Amy K Jewels

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