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Ozark Red Cedar Tree Slices

This listing is for 10 SANDED irregular shaped slices of red cedar ranging from 4" wide & 1/2" thick. Pieces have been sanded for a smooth finish.


Our cuts may not be precise, and could vary a little in thickness and width. The slice you receive will be similar to the slices shown in the pictures, with possible slight variation in shape or size.

These slices are rough cut on our sawmill and harvested from fallen trees.

It is currently "raw" with no sealer. You may clear seal the slice or wipe with mineral spirits to bring out the color once it arrives..

Handmade Rustic Cedar for Your Home, Cabin, Office or Lodge
Log Furniture Made From Arkansas Cedar Logs

With the unique characteristics that only Mother Nature can provide, this will be a unique addition to any décor. No two are Exactly alike

Cedar Has Natural Checking - It Does Not Affect the Strength or Integrity of the wood - It also Adds to the rustic feel

Note: All wood is subject to the natural process of checking or cracking as the wood seasons and dries

This is normal and will not continue once the wood has stabilized

Checking or cracking occurs as wood releases moisture across the annual growth rings and it does not affect the structural performance or integrity of the wood

Returns not accepted because of checking!