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This lot of mineral ore comes straight from a claim on Vancouver Island, in beautiful British Columbia. We sell to refiners, collectors, artists, rock hounds and jewellery makers. The unique features of our mineral ore allow for good refinement quantities, collections and especially slabs or cabochons.

Please note sizes are random and pieces chosen at random. Quality will be similar to those listed in pictures.

We have been mining this claim for close to six years. And have sold and refined over 45,000 pounds. Below is some information about what kind and grade of mineral ore our company mines. An elemental list of all elements within our ore the varying concentrations listed in parts per million. Enjoy :)

Popular Minerals Found In Our Ore

This is a list of all the elements that have shown up on the assays on our mining claim were these pieces come from. Each will display the element name as well as the concentration range that has been found. Results from assays are taken from average ore samples as we try to find an average grade for the entire claim area mined. These range of concentration is based on 70 samples. Sample sizing is between 0.04 - 0.7 Kilograms.

Copper (Cu) - 398ppm - 336,101ppm
Iron (Fe) - 3.55% - 28.10%
Gallium (Ga) - 0.74ppm - 9.92ppm
Germanium (Ge) - 0.10ppm - 0.78ppm
Hafnium (Hf) - 0.2ppm - 0.9ppm
Mercury (Hg) - 0.09ppm - 51ppm
Indium (In) - 0.017ppm - 13.20ppm
Potassium (K) - 0.01% - 0.22%
Lanthanum (Ln) - 0.1ppm - 10.9ppm
Lithium (Li) - 0.1ppm - 7.9ppm
Magnesium (Mg) - 0.1% - 4.69%
Manganese (Mn) - 59ppm - 2520ppm
Molybdenum (Mo) - 1.14ppm - 178.9ppm
Niobium (Nb) - 0.05ppm - 0.19ppm
Nickel (Ni) - 0.7ppm - 30.4ppm
Phosphorus (P) - 10ppm - 270ppm
Lead (Pb) - 21.1ppm - 9991ppm
Rubidium (Rb) - 0.1ppm - 3.6ppm
Rhenium (Re) - 0.001ppm - 0.017ppm
Sulfur (S) - 6.06% - 9.9%
Antimony (Sb) - 0.02ppm - 16.90ppm
Scandium (Sc) - 0.1ppm - 2.7ppm
Selenium (Se) - 4.8ppm - 115.1ppm
Tin (Sn) - 01ppm - 2.8ppm
Strontium (Sr) - 2.8ppm - 496ppm
Tantalum (Ta) - 0.1ppm - 0.2ppm
Tellurium (Te) - 0.57ppm - 58.9ppm
Thorium (Th) - 0.2ppm - 2.6ppm
Titanium (Ti) - 0.005% - 0.006%
Thallium (Tl) - 0.02ppm - 0.09ppm
Uranium (U) - 0.05ppm - 0.43ppm
Vanadium (V) - 1.0ppm - 9.0ppm
Tungsten (W) - 0.04ppm - 0.58ppm
Yttrium (Y) - 0.05ppm - 48.9ppm
Zinc (Zn) - 75ppm - 61,023ppm
Zirconium (Zr) - 0.04ppm - 2.0ppm
Silver (Ag) - 11ppm - 776ppm
Aluminum (Al) - 0.05ppm - 1.82ppm
Arsenic (As) - 23.1ppm - 236ppm
Gold (Au) - 1.6ppm - 79.4ppm
Boron (B) - 9ppm -10ppm
Beryllium (Be) - 0.05ppm - 1.6ppm
Bismuth (Bi) - 0.35ppm - 47ppm
Calcium (Ca) - 0.1ppm - 10.85ppm
Cadmium (Cd) - 0.5ppm - 991.1ppm
Cerium (Ce) - 0.7ppm - 18.30ppm
Cobalt (Co) - 1.8ppm - 111.0ppm
Chromium (Cr) 0.9ppm - 3.0ppm
Caesium (Cs) - 0.04ppm - 0.13ppm

We hope this helps with some questions. Please don't hesitate to ask questions.

Any questions don't hesitate to ask. Our warehouse currently has several tons of this stored up and we are mining this claim on a weekly basis so if your interested in larger quantities send us a message and well be happy to arrange something based on your needs.

Thanks from 911 Mining!!!


Any quantity available. Can ship only 45 pounds per package. Otherwise freight or second package is required.

Any quantity available. Can ship only 45 pounds per package. Otherwise freight or second package is required.

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