Wild Amimal Bones by the POUND Cleaned/Sanitized (Boiled) for Crafting/Jewelry/Sculpture/Costume Design. Found Real Bone (Mostly Elk/Bison)

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+ $10.00 shipping
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THIS LISTING: People use these clean/sanitized wild animal bones for LOTS of Craft/Art projects -- you can use them as the "bones" inside your sculptures to create other creatures by adding your own sculpting clay/polymer... cut them into slices or use whole in jewelry or Celtic/Native American Ceremonial Pieces... use them in Halloween decorations or costumes -- Game of Thrones, Renaissance Festival, Walking Dead, Wasteland Weekend, Pirate, Witch, VoodDoo Man, or Mountain Man costumes...

This is the best price on wild animal bones that I have -- and they STILL WILL ALL BE CLEANED THOROUGHLY. We find these bones and skulls in the mountains of NE New Mexico... on the wild-lands ranch where my husband works, and where we are blessed to live.'

All photos here are examples of what might be in your box of bones... NOT these exact bones, but an assortment of MOSTLY ELK AND BISON BONES -- (pretty large animals with mostly large bones - Great for Dino Digs!

What we have available today just depends on what random bones we have recently found and CLEANED.

For photos/listings of SPECIFIC batches of bones - check out my husband's new Etsy shop "Crazy Bones":

Leg Bones By the Pound ($8 per pound - in my husband's Etsy shop): https://www.etsystudio.com/listing/493321810

Vertebrae By the Pound ($8 per pound - in my husband's Etsy shop): https://www.etsystudio.com/listing/493379356

"Mixed Bones" Bones-By-The-Pound ($8 per pound - in my husband's Etsy shop): https://www.etsystudio.com/listing/520996791

If you message me what you need (smaller bones, larger bones, leg bones, vertebrae, etc) I will do my best to provide what you need, but please be aware that these "Bones By the Pound" are all FOUND bones -- mostly Elk, occasionally some Bison, Mule Deer. Wild Mustang or Antelope... and are the random bones we find, one here, one there... some of them will be broken or chipped, most will have cracks or checking, be in various stages of decomposition -- weathered by time/wind/rain.

Elk and Bison are large animals - therefore, most of their bones are fairly "large". Smaller bones in my shop usually get their own listings -- I am sure you can understand that it is more work to scrub 20 small bones that weigh the same as 1 Bison vertebrae... therefore I don't normally sell the smaller/more-delicate bones by the pound.

These bones will be CLEAN. Other people are offering found bones in "Found condition" -- if you have any experience with uncleaned bones, you will know that uncleaned bones (with a bit of hide, and dirt -- even clean-LOOKING (BUT not actually boiled to clean) being organic products, and coming from the carcasses of dead animals -- they smell like decaying flesh and death. Any bit of humidity and heat will increase the amount of stink, so if you plan on using these somewhere like Kansas City or New York, where humidity is high, your guests are NOT going to like the stench of bones that have not been cleaned.

Shipping un-sanitized bones is also a good way to unwittingly spread disease... My husband is a wildlife biologist -- he would be horrified if I ever offered to ship any bones that had not been boiled/sanitized first.

To be clear -- if you are looking for Bulk Bones for creative projects, Halloween or Haunted House or Bulk Movie Prop bones -- this is the link -- If you need a larger amount or a certain kind, please message for a price quote tailored to your needs.

HOWEVER if you are a Bone Collector, Costume Designer, Veterinarian, Landscaper, Interior Decorator, or Artist -- you might be more interested in my other offerings, which are in better shape and not just random found bones (like these on this page) but part of a specific animal and part of a specific skeleton.

All of these animals lived and died free and wild -- these bones are NOT from an elk farm or associated with slaughter and meat production.

These animals have died of natural causes -- mountain lion, bear, coyote attacks -- or old age/disease. Most of these "Bones By the Pound" probably LOOKED clean when I collect them (weathered by time/rain/wind) -- but then I carry them back and thoroughly BOIL them in soapy and then in clean water (sometimes repeatedly, until the water runs clear). This kills any pathogens, and leaves you with clean (not stinking-of-death) bones. They may still be partially stained by the mud I found them laying in... but most will be ivory-to-white in color depending on kind and age.

Having a "Dinosaur Dig" Party? THESE BONES ARE ALL BOILED CLEAN -- I can't imagine using found bones in "found condition" (uncleaned) for a child's party! Ugh! Message me how many kids/adults and basic age range, and we can discuss which bones would be best for your group. Don't know what a Dino Dig Party is? You bury bones in the sand-pile and the kids take turns digging up a dinosaur bone! (You usually want a few extras, so each child gets to take a bone home, and some adults at the party will want in on the fun, too :) One bone will be larger than all the others -- that bone declares the "winner" -- but every child takes home the prize that they dug up, themselves :) *** See photo #4 for an actual order of Dino-Dig Party Bones -- these 40 bones were selected for a party of 30 children and some adults -- and weighed 14 pounds. These are NOT the exact bones you would get-- it depends on what is in my bulk-bone-box when you order, but I will be happy to send you a photo of YOUR bones (for discussion) after you order.

The bones will be an assortment of leg bones (usually 10-15" long), vertebrae (usually 3-5" in diameter). Occasionally a partial pelvis, jaw bone, partial skull, ribs or tailbone.

Mostly ELK - but also some Mustang, Bison, Mule Deer, Antelope bones potentially mixed in.

If you need something specific, message me and we will create a box for you (depending on what I have in stock). USE DROP-DOWN MENU TO EXPRESS YOUR WISHES, OR MESSAGE ME -- otherwise I will just make you a nice assortment.

SHIPPING AND PRICING: The math in the first drop-down menu might look "off" -- but Etsy will add $10 base shipping to every order... add in that $10 and the math is correct :)

Approx shipping costs:

1 pound of bones = $8.00 + $10 shipping. Depending on the kind of bones in your box this might be 1-2 elk/bison leg bones, 2-3 elk/bison vertebrae. ** Depending on where you live, sometimes USPS shipping is odd in that I can ship you 2-3 pounds for the same cost as 1 pound. When you place a 1 pound order I may contact you to offer you another pound or two for just the cost of the bones.

10 pounds of clean bones... (usually approx 20-30 bones, mixed elk/bison leg bones, vertebrae, occasionally partial tail bone, partial skull, partial jaws, partial pelvis)
fits tightly into a 12" x 12" x 12" box that costs approx $30-40 to ship

20 pounds is about 2 cubic feet of tightly packed bones (approx 40-50 assorted bones) fits in a 24" x 12" x 12" box and costs approx $40-50 to ship

Use the drop-down menu to see price+shipping for 1 pound, 2 pounds, 5 pounds, 10 lbs, 20 lbs, 30 lbs.

The first 4 photos show the sorts of bones that will be in your box. Not these specific bones, but ones similar.

The fifth photo shows the boiling process: I always boil to kill any bacterial and to clean. I never use bleach, as it can deteriorate the bone.

JEWELERS: You might consider "pickle slicing" leg bones and vertebrae for interesting (smaller) shapes -- Bison and Elk are fairly large animals with fairly large bones. Jewelers might also be particularly interested in the "SMALL BONE" listings at the bottom of the list below.

Bone Discs from the Buffalo's spine: https://www.etsystudio.com/listing/270381910
If you plan to decorate or use these bones as a part of a piece of art -- I would love to see photos of your finished work! I supply quite a few "Bone Artists" -- and am amazed by how these bones and skulls (that most people would think of as only a remnant of past life) come BACK to life utilized in a new way. It warms my heart to think that these wild animals, so beautiful in Life, can continue to be honored in new ways even after their natural death.
In my husband's shop "Crazy Bones":
Check out current SALES and DISCOUNTS in my husband's shop "Crazy Bones" - "Favorite" his "sale" page to get automatic updates when new items go on SALE: https://www.etsystudio.com/listing/563205162

SPRING SPECIAL! Through March "Crazy Bones" is offering %10 off just for favoriteing the shop and 5 items in it: more details: www.etsystudio.com/listing/493307842
** LOTS more Bones, Skulls, and Pine Cones over there, so you might like to check out his shop anyway -- and faster shipping times on most things, too, because he isn't busy sewing!
**Like this item? Be sure to "Favorite" it so you can find it later :)
OUR BONES ARE CLEAN - BOILED, SCRUBBED. ** Shipping unsanitary "nature-cleaned" bones is a terrible idea -- please think twice before ordering uncleaned bones (from other vendors) as:
1) You may be unwittingly spreading wild animal diseases
2) Uncleaned bones stink of decay
3) You may be breaking the laws of state Fish/Game Departments... and be subject to fines

These are all FOUND BONES - and therefore are Weathered - please expect cracks and chipping/missing pieces. Want to see closeup photos? Just message me and I will be happy to send them.

"Very Weathered Mustang with Broken Jaw" FOUND Wild Mustang Skull + Lower Jaw - Once repaired he will be free-standing: https://www.etsystudio.com/listing/539317051

Large Weathered Mustang Skull (top only): https://www.etsystudio.com/listing/509229314

Mustang Lower Jaw: https://www.etsystudio.com/listing/531161215

Beautiful Nearly-Complete Bison Skeleton (with skull and jaw bones): www.etsystudio.com/listing/524135654

OR: Just the Skull and Jaws from that same find: https://www.etsystudio.com/listing/529257406

MONGO/Extra-Long Thoracic (War Club) Bison/Buffalo Vertebrae: https://www.etsystudio.com/listing/506793519

Bison Ribs: https://www.etsystudio.com/listing/537996499
AND: https://www.etsystudio.com/listing/508460502

PAIR of Bison Jaw Bones: https://www.etsystudio.com/listing/514023437

Big Bison Pelvis and Sacrum/Tail Bone: https://www.etsystudio.com/listing/506963917

Bison Vertebrae (your choice buy one or multiple/all): https://www.etsystudio.com/listing/523055185

3 Thoracic (Long War-Club) Vertebrae (Waxy-Bone GOOD FOR CARVING): https://www.etsystudio.com/listing/541001231

2 Lumbar Vertebrae (Bison - they look "winged"): https://www.etsystudio.com/listing/543243225

All Natural Weathered Coyote Skull: ww.etsy.com/listing/545861259

Painted Coyote Skull Red/Gold Love-Knots Celtic Design: https://www.etsystudio.com/listing/258740225

Mule-Deer Pelvis and Sacrum/Tailbone: https://www.etsystudio.com/listing/530816771

SUPER-RARE Wild "Cactus" Mule-Deer Skull with Bare Pedicles PLUS His Leather-Like shed antlers: https://www.etsystudio.com/listing/565682305

Assorted Antelope Vertebrae (your choice): www.etsystudio.com/listing/594811453

Antelope Leg Bones (Waxy-Bone GOOD FOR CARVING): https://www.etsystudio.com/listing/516243422

Several Antelope/Deer Small-Bone Listings: https://www.etsystudio.com/listing/521874930

Antelope Pelvis and Sacrum: https://www.etsystudio.com/listing/544886972

Many Individual Elk Vertebrae - (your choice): www.etsystudio.com/listing/529611435

Partial Spines: www.etsystudio.com/listing/493403944

Elk Pelvis with Sacrum/Tail-Bone: www.etsystudio.com/listing/521491441

Elk Leg Bones (left/right pair): www.etsystudio.com/listing/523512836

Elk Tail Bone (Sacrum): www.etsystudio.com/listing/493313262

Elk Astragalas/Talus Bones (for ancient game similar to "Jacks"): www.etsystudio.com/listing/536117985

Elk Ribs (several batches - scroll through photos to see your choices): www.etsystudio.com/listing/514079668

Large Skull, cheap price-- we got this from a farmer in Kansas as part of a trade for an elk rack): https://www.etsystudio.com/listing/547555714

Bones-By-The-Pound: Leg Bones: https://www.etsystudio.com/listing/493321810

Bones-By-The-Pound: Vertebrae: https://www.etsystudio.com/listing/493379356

TWO Ungulate Axis/Axes/Universal Joints: https://www.etsystudio.com/listing/506493070

SMALL BONE BATCHES SCROLL THROUGH PHOTOS FOR CHOICES: https://www.etsystudio.com/listing/556844427 Same low shipping charge on one group or several, and even deeper discounts on multiple groups

SMALL BONES: Bone Discs (from between vertebrae) Great for jewelry: https://www.etsystudio.com/listing/527352011

SMALL BONES: Assorted Leg/Foot/Hoof (Several Groupings): https://www.etsystudio.com/listing/527351241

SMALL BONES (mule-deer and antelope - lots of choices/scroll through photos): https://www.etsystudio.com/listing/521874930/smaller-bones

SMALL BONES/CHICKEN/TURKEY - Tiny Bones. Several choices/scroll through photos:

Build your own Voodoo Chime Door Decor: www.etsystudio.com/listing/479552497

Need Nice Ponderosa Pine Cones for Fall/Winter crafts and decorating?
www.etsystudio.com/listing/400099727 and
"Biggies" 3.5" to 5.5" pine cones: www.etsystudio.com/listing/484140709 and
"Little Ones" 2" pine cones: https://www.etsystudio.com/listing/490073587
Through July, earn an easy $5 off your first "Crazy Bones" order: www.etsystudio.com/listing/493307842
Pinterest Users: www.etsystudio.com/listing/468260620
Facebook Users: https://www.etsystudio.com/listing/225011682
Interested in purchasing multiple listings? Message me and I can probably make you a deal (the more goes into the box normally the less the shipping-per-item, too :)

My husband is a wildlife biologist, so we are blessed to live on the large wild-lands ranch (where we work) in the mountains of NE New Mexico... surrounded by elk, deer, free-range-bison, mountain lions, wild horses, and yes, even prairie dogs! The other items in my shop include my finished artwork and handicrafts: Hot-Pads, Oven-Mitts, Kitchen Towels, Blankets, T-Shirts, Coasters (and more) all of which reflect my vision of glorious Mother Nature all around us. Sales of all these natural and hand-made items are my contribution to our livelihood. We appreciate your business!

Every "Favorite", "Pin", and "Like" helps me move up the search engines to find more buyers... Therefore, if you have a moment, please F/P/L a few things while you are here in my shop :)

Thank you for your interest, and for supporting my artistic efforts!

** Please note: We do NOT sell any antlers off-skull. The ranch where we live requires that we sell any un-attached (shed) antlers to the bulk buyer which the ranch selects. Thanks for understanding.

Please message me if you are interested in purchasing multiple items, as I can probably save you some shipping costs.

*** Please know that these are all FOUND and weathered bones and skulls. Some may have been in the sun/wind/rain for several-to-many years, and almost all may have slight-to severe cracks, checking, decomposition, calcification, or may be splintery and/or stained by mud/minerals in the soil. I try to take representative photos and describe condition as best I can, but Etsy only allows 5 photos of each listing… and what is important to you may not be to me… “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. So, if you have specific needs re age/state/color/texture of bone, please MESSAGE ME to ask for more details or more photos. For instance: If you need NEW BONE – Occasionally I have a very few pieces from fresh carcasses (and know where some more carcasses are that I am letting Mother Nature “pre-clean” for me). I am willing to harvest those bones for you, if you need new bone (perhaps for carving)… please message me for more info.

** All my skulls and bones are BOILED CLEAN TO SANITIZE. Please beware of purchasing "found bones" in "found condition" that have not been boiled or otherwise professionally cleaned. Transferring bones and skulls that have only been "nature-cleaned" (not boiled-clean) can unwittingly spread animal diseases from one area to another (something I am sure none of us wild-animal-lovers would intentionally do). There are state wildlife laws and penalties to regulate the shipping of un-cleaned (non-sanitized) skulls and bones... besides which, bones that are only "nature-cleaned" or in "found condition" can still smell of decay... certainly not something you would want in your house (especially in humid weather). Every bone/skull I ship has been sanitized by boiling clean, no matter how "clean" they may have appeared when I found them.
** Shipping only to the lower 48 states - (sorry, no shipping to Alaska, Hawaii or anywhere outside the USA mainland).

*** All orders are shipped standard ground USPS unless specifically noted otherwise.

*** IF YOU WANT TO BUMP TO PRIORITY MAIL: Message me for a price quote and a link to make the shipping upgrade. USPS has normally been very good at meeting their "guesstimate" delivery times on 2-3 day priority - but they do NOT guarantee those priority delivery times, and they will not refund any shipping for "late" delivery (Nor can I guarantee USPS's end - and therefore no refunds for items returned based on USPS delivery delays).

Average review
Thank you, it turned out beautiful and the kids loved the bone dig!!!
Dec 3, 2017 by Melissa Gonzalez
good quality, quick shipping items as described
Oct 30, 2017 by Valerye McGreevy
Just what I asked for and delivered in a timely manner thanks so much!
Oct 28, 2017 by Kristen Land
Oct 3, 2017 by sherhopkins
Lovely! I appreciate the conversations I had with the owner, and the bones were well wrapped so they wouldn't get injured on their way over.
Sep 3, 2017 by Jessica Suphan

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