BloodBorn Blueprint for the great Hunters Axe, Dual action, reattractable, life-sized. great for events and as a decoration

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Made in North Altona, Australia

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the is a 1:1 scaled BloodBorn Hunters Axe blueprint, i designed this as a prop, decoration and as a gift for a friend. this blueprint shows how to make this axe work properly like in the game.
Its total length when extended is 6ft and when retracted is 3ft the two handles are 1.5ft long each but the spike is not included in that measurement. the inner beam is 3ft long.

you'll need to add a piece of PVC sheeting as a safety catch for the beam, because it always better being safe then sorry, you can cut the safety catch to fit over the center beam. to apply it to the beam cut the beam in half then slide it all the way down then use 5min expoy to hold it in place. when re-attaching the center beam together place in side a 10mm MDF board that has the same bend in it, this will increase to amount of weight it can hold and wont break as easy. fix this in place with some more 5min expoy then sand the gap.

the locking mechanism requires a Stainless Steel Paddle Tent Pole Push Button Spring Snap Clip Locking Tube Pin, i went and bought the 9mm pins.

The button is made from some PVC piping that's both a bit bigger and a bit smaller the the 40mm pipe, this is so I wraps around easier. When putting it together you need to sand the edges of the inner base to the clip does not get caught on it and you'll need to attach the stem to the base first the place that I'm the pipe then place the spin and the top on. The spring is what brings the button back out. The to nobs on the end of the button need to be the same size if not small then the wholes for the clip.
P.S. The button must be on the side other wise it won't work because it'll get caught on the ridge of the centre beam

The Blades length is 2ft x 2ft

- Eva Foam 12mm x4
- PVC Pipe (outer 40mm) and (Inner 26mm)
- spring
- Stainless Steel Paddle Tent Pole Push Button Spring Snap Clip Locking Tube Pin

If you find any of my blueprints helpful send me a picture of your work id love to see how each and everyone of you do your props and leave a comment, thanks.
always here to help.

Jordan from DestroyerProps