Tektite Meteorite - 1 Medium - Cosmic Connector, Expands Consciousness, Stone of Manifestation, Possibilities and Synchronicities.

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(Yay! I finally found it! Tektite is an awesome and a wonderful creation which is technically extraterrestrial. Palm sized tektite is soo expensive, and almost unaffordable, so I favored these smaller pieces that are easier to keep on ones self but also to share and gift.)

---Listing Item Description/History/Facts---

-Tektite is a blackish gravel sized natural glass that formed from terrestrial debris that exploded and strewn about during meteorite impact or reentry.

-Tektite gets its name from Greek meaning molten.

-Tektite is 60% silica and is completely void of any microbial traces. Because of its composition and origination Tektites can only be found in a handful of places and are categorized differently than another rocks or crystals. Tektite is characterized based on composition, its content of H2O, its silica glass or non-crystalline mineraloid, content of microscopic crystals and the location it was found.

An article below does a great job at explaining Tektites origin in detail.

“The overwhelming consensus of Earth and planetary scientists is that tektites consist of terrestrial debris that was ejected during the formation of an impact crater. During the extreme conditions created by an hypervelocity meteorite impact, near-surface terrestrial sediments and rocks were either melted, vaporized, or some combination of these and ejected from an impact crater. After ejection from the impact crater, the material formed millimeter- to centimeter-sized bodies of molten material, which as they re-entered the atmosphere, rapidly cooled to form tektites that fell to Earth to create a layer of distal eject hundreds or thousands of kilometers away from the impact site.

The terrestrial source for tektites is supported by well-documented evidence. The chemical and isotopic composition of tektites indicates that they are derived from the melting of silica-rich crustal and sedimentary rocks, which are not found on the Moon. In addition, some tektites contain relict mineral inclusions (quartz, zircon, rutile, chromite, and monazite) that are characteristic of terrestrial sediments and crustal and sedimentary source rocks. Also, three of the four tektite strewnfields have been linked by their age and chemical and isotopic composition to known impact craters. A number of different geochemical studies of tektites from the Australasian strewnfield concluded that these tektites consist of melted Jurassic sediments or sedimentary rocks that were weathered and deposited about 167 Ma ago. Their geochemistry suggests that the source of Australasian tektites is a single sedimentary formation with a narrow range of stratigraphic ages close to 170 Ma more or less. This effectively refutes multiple impact hypotheses.

Although it is widely accepted that the formation of and widespread distribution of tektites requires the intense (superheated) melting of near-surface sediments and rocks at the impact site and the following high-velocity ejection of this material from the impact crater, the exact processes involved remain poorly understood. One possible mechanism for the formation of tektites is by the jetting of highly shocked and superheated melt during the initial contact/compression stage of impact crater formation. Alternatively, various mechanisms involving the dispersal of shock-melted material by an expanding vapor plume, which is created by a hypervelocity impact, have been used to explain the formation of tektites. Any mechanism by which tektites are created must explain chemical data that suggest that parent material from which tektites were created came from near-surface rocks and sediments at an impact site. In addition, the scarcity of known strewn fields relative to the number of identified Impact craters indicate that very special and rarely met circumstances are required in order for tektites to be created by a meteorite impact.“

---Metaphysically Attributes & Ancient Wisdom Practices---

-Tektite is commonly known for raising ones vibrations and doing extraordinary work on connecting one with the Cosmos and your purpose.

-Tektite is not a grounding stone, however it does amazingly to strengthen ones aura and make great strides in reaching spiritual heights.

-Tektite is also known for facilitating energy flow between the lower and higher chakras, dissolving any blockages and strengthening the flow.

-Tektite is also used a lot in practice for those who are looking to make advances in everyday aspects of their life. It is used to expand your consciousness, strengthen and deepen your connection while in meditation.

-Tektite is also known as the stone of possibilities and synchronicities thus one is due to experience unusual signs and prosperities if one is open.

-Healers use Tektite in search for the truth. It is said Tektite has an ability to sharpen your senses to discern between fact and fabrication.

-Tektite is also a great encourager and is known as a stone of manifestation.

-Tektite jewelry has been a popular tool for those folks who are on a spiritual journey. It is said one can experience a “thinning of the veil between dimensions” and amplification in their psychic abilities, telepathy, lucid dreaming and astral travels.

-Lastly, Tektite is used by Healers to accelerate physical recovery

---Listing Item Description---

-Listing item includes 1 medium genuine Tektite Meteorite piece. Pieces vary in shapes but are about 1 to 1.5 inches in length and or width.

Average review
Great packaging!! 😗
Jan 6, 2018 by Teri Strandberg
Everything was breathtaking and came carefully packaged in the cutest tissue paper. There was even a lil bag full of extra gifts. I couldnt recommend this shop enough! Thanks so much!
Dec 21, 2017 by Bella
Dec 21, 2017 by gatorchomp28
Such an Amazing seller. She spoils me with the packaging and the wonderful gifts. I have such gratitude for these powerful crystals that are truly blessed with LOVE ❤️
Dec 5, 2017 by Rebecca Nieves
I love my crystals!!!! They are beautiful and powerful ✨
Nov 23, 2017 by jlake91

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