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Peppa Pig Machine Embroidery Designs (57)

Now Including Colorchart/Sewing Information on Every Design

Shipping Free To U.S. Buyers

Additional Charge For Canadian, Irish, New Zealand, United Kingdom, and Australian Buyers

Now Available In SHV Format For Viking Designer I Users

* * * Attention - Please read the following description carefully. By clicking on Buy or bidding, you are entering into a contract to buy and are subject to the terms within. * * *

Designs are available in eleven different embroidery formats (DST, EXP, HUS, JEF, PCS, PES, SEW, SHV, VIP, VP3, and XXX) to fit your embroidery machine.

At the request of several of my Australian customers, I am now offering the Peppa Pig emboidery designs. There are 57 designs available (30 in 4"x4" size and 27 in 5"x7" size - please note that the 5"x7" designs are bigger versions of 27 of the 30 4"x4" designs). Two JPG picture files of groups of the designs will also be included. Included are Peppa, George, Mom, and Dad as well as Peppa and George in a variety of daily adventures. See the pictures for all of the designs available.

You will receive the designs on CD or USB drive. The designs will consist of one complete set of designs in one embroidery format of your choice. An easy-to-use viewer/sizer program will also be included if you want to make the designs bigger or smaller. I am also including a PDF file (catalog) showing a picture of each design, the design size, thread color information, sewing order, and number of stitches. Designs will be mailed within one business day of purchase to your Paypal mail address. Please make sure it is correct in Ebay.

You may need an appropriate program and card writer hardware to write the design files to a blank embroidery card to get the files into your embroidery machine. For those with a USB port on your embroidery machine, transfer of the design files from the CD to a USB flash drive or directly to your embroidery machine can be easily accomplished using your Windows computer.

All media are checked on two different computers before they are packaged to ensure that they were copied correctly and will open on your Windows computer. No refunds! These are easily copyable computer files. A new media will be sent in exchange if something is wrong with your returned media. Please contact me with any problems before leaving feedback.

When you get your media, check it immediately. If anything is wrong with it, let me know. When you find that your media is okay, immediately copy it to your hard drive. Then take your media, put it in the protective sleeve, put that back in the bubble envelope, and lock it away in a safe location. The media you are buying is guaranteed to work when you receive it and for 7 days thereafter (more than enough time for you to copy it to your hard drive). After that, don't contact me for a replacement. If something happens to your hard disk copy, just remove your media from safe storage and recopy it to your hard drive. It will work like brand new. Then lock the protected media away again in case you need it. By buying from this auction, you state that you understand this policy.

Return Policy - Since I test each media before I ship it, I am rarely asked to allow the return of design media. However, a recent problem with a buyer over a DVD requires me to spell out my Return Policy in detail. Ebay allows sellers to have a Return Policy separate from the standard Ebay policy. Mine is as follows: You return the nonworking media to me at your expense (it currently costs me about $3 for postage to mail the media to you). I check the media on my computer when I receive it. If there is a problem with the media, I will send you a new media, pay for your First Class postage, and send you a heart-felt apology. If the media is good, I let you know and ask you what you want done with your working media. If you want it back, you will have to pay for postage. This way the buyer gets the designs they paid for and is not out any additional money. I don't give refunds - just replacement designs. When I first started selling on Ebay, I took returns through the Ebay Return System. However, I found that people were buying the disks, copying them to their hard drives, claiming that they were "bad", and returning the "good" disks to me at my cost. I quickly saw that I was being taken advantage of and changed my Return Policy to the one described above. If you buy the designs, I will make sure that you get a working media with working designs. By bidding on this auction or clicking on "Buy It Now", you confirm that you understand this policy and agree to it. If you do not agree to this policy, PLEASE DO NOT BUY.

Know your machine's required design format before you buy. If you order the wrong media or the wrong format, that is what I am sending. A different media or a different design format is available from my auctions at an additional cost. There are no exceptions.

The designs on this media were made from public-domain clip art and/or original art work. They were converted to embroidery machine instructions using digitizer programs such as Brother's PE Design and Embrilliance Enthusiast. I am the licensed owner of these embroidery programs. I personally created each design in your embroidery format. You may use the machine instructions on this media for your own personal use or to embroider items for resale. You may not give away, distribute, or sell these machine instructions without my expressed written permission.

If you buy a DVD or CD, you will receive the described designs on a disk(s) written with Nero software with a disk label tastefully designed by me using Media Face software. The disk(s) will be sent in a paper disk envelope inside a cardboard stiffener inside a padded mailer envelope within one business day. The disks and labels are not factory made. If you want a factory-made disk, buy it somewhere else. If you buy a USB flash drive, you will receive the described designs on a USB stick in a color and memory size of my choice.

I am now making USB sticks that will plug directly into the USB port of the embroidery machine. I now offer a Viking USB stick (referred to as "VP3 on Viking USB") which has been tested to work with the Diamond, Royale, Sapphire, and Topaz models. I also offer the "SHV on D1 USB" for Viking Designer 1 and 2 models. For Janome machines, I offer two USB sticks: (1) "JEF on Janome Type I USB" for Janome 200e, 9900, 11000, 12000, 15000, and 500e machines, and "JEF on Janome Type II USB" for Janome 300e and 350e machines. Please pick the type that goes with your machine. I also offer a "PES on PE770 USB" for the Brother PE770 machine. This USB will also work on other Brother and Babylock machines with a USB port.
Please note that these PES USBs will not have a catalog PDF file or a resizer file because these files would make the USB unreadable in your embroidery machine. Please message me for the catalog PDF file if you need it after you buy.

If you do not buy these designs on a "machine-specific" USB stick, the designs are written to the USB stick in Windows FAT format using a Windows computer. That is so you can plug it into your Windows computer and transfer the designs to your hard drive. You can then delete the designs from the USB stick and use the empty USB stick to transfer the designs 1 at a time, 5 at a time, or 22,000 at a time to your embroidery machine. If your embroidery machine accepts Windows-formatted USB sticks, you can plug it in exactly as you receive it in the mail. Many embroidery machines (Janome 350e is one) require the empty USB stick to be formatted in the embroidery machine (using that machine's formatting process) before any designs can be written to it. Other machines (like Brother PE-770) accept Windows-format USB sticks, but require that the designs be written to the root directory (lowest memory level) of the USB stick (no folders on the USB stick). Other embroidery machines (such as the Viking Designer I) require that special computer programs be used to format the USB stick in the computer before the computer writes the designs to the USB stick. Every machine is different. That is why I recommend that the designs be written to your hard drive first and then copied to the USB stick using the procedure specified in your machine's operating manual.

If you cannot put the media into your computer, transfer the files to your hard drive, and access the designs with your embroidery program, please do not buy from this auction. I spent over half my time showing people how to operate their own computers and embroidery machines. Please read your computer or embroidery machine manual or call your computer dealer or embroidery machine dealer for this advice.

If you buy something from me, I will ship it regardless of whether you bought it before or bought a different format before. I cannot track your past purchases. I also will not cancel a sale since Ebay counts this as a "Defect" against my Seller rating. Think before you buy because whatever you buy, I am shipping it to you.

I only accept Paypal. Shipping is to Paypal-confirmed addresses in the 50 U. S. states and select world locations. Yes, I ship to Alaska, Puerto Rico, and Hawaii. No, I will not ship it to your aunt in Nigeria. To support our Armed Forces personnel and their families, I will send to APO boxes.

All my items are from a smoke-free home. Yes, I have a dog, but he uses a different computer.

Shipping is free to U. S. buyers. The amount charged goes to pay for blank media, media envelopes, padded mailing envelopes, postage, eBay and Paypal fees, and for my time to make, pack, and mail the media.

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