Pincushion Doll Dress Plush: Lita

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"Pardon My Pins" Pincushion Collection: Lita

Lita is a beauty with sleek style and retro glamour. Her dress has a mix of modern geometric shapes and dainty flowers in a bold black and white color scheme. She accents her look with a white bow at the back of her waist, and a contrasting black bow at the top of her curly white tresses, which are gathered into a ponytail. She's also sporting white heels underneath her dress to complete the ensemble.

Lita is equally great for display as she is for practical use. She doesn't mind you poking pins into her dress at all, and she's only too happy to help you with your craft projects. ^__^

Her "dress" is about 3 1/2" wide, and she stands 3 1/2" tall. She's made from craft velour, suede cloth, fleece, and cotton print fabrics, with felt accents. Her arms hang loosely at her side for movement, and the rest of her is firmly stuffed with fiber-fill.

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Preparation takes 3-5 business days
Arrives from the United States
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I ship First Class Mail. All items are shipped in bubble wrap-lined envelopes or sturdy boxes.

I ship items out within three - five business days of having received payment.


I expect payment to be made within 3 days of having purchased the item from Etsy. I do not accept cancellations, so please make absolutely sure that you want the item you are purchasing.

Returns & exchanges

Refunds and Exchanges:
I'm sorry, but I don't give refunds or exchanges, so before buying anything, please make absolutely sure you really want the item you're thinking of purchasing.

I make sure that everything I create is extremely secure, and durable. However, as some of my items contain doll pellets, which may cause a choking hazard should the worst happen, I'd recommend that my products be kept out of the hands of very small children.

Additional policies

Commission/Custom FAQ:

Do you take commissions?
Yes I do.

How will I know when you are open for commissions?
See next question.

Are you currently open for commissions?
Yes I am. ^-^

How much do you charge for your plushie commissions?
I have three plushie sizes available:

SMALL 6" (could be taller depending on hair style) plushies start at $40, and increase in price depending on the difficulty of the plush. Small sized plushies are much simpler in shape than the medium and large sized plushies. Their bodies are also stuffed mostly with doll pellets, making them far more bendable than the other sized plushies available. Smaller plushies can also be made with a band sewn into the head for easy display at no extra charge (please make sure to specify this when commissioning).

MEDIUM 9"(could be taller depending on hair style) plushies will start at $70, and increase in price depending on the difficulty of the plush. Medium plushies can not sit down, but their arms do hang freely, and can move.

LARGE 14" (could be taller depending on hair style) plushies start at $105, and increase in price depending on the difficulty of the plush. Larger plushies have doll pellets in their arms, AND legs, making them bendable, and able to sit (with support) for display purposes.

What do you mean they start at $, and increase in price? What elements add to the cost of the plush?
Basically, the prices listed above are the base prices. A base price plush would have to be a character with only one layer of clothing (for example, they have simple shoes, a pair of pants, and a t-shirt that have no extra details, or patterns, etc...), a simple hairstyle, and only need colors that I already have in stock. If the character is wearing striped clothing, that's an incredibly time consuming process, depending on the size/frequency of the stripes, the pattern of the stripes, the fabric texture, and the design of the article of clothing. If the character is wearing a vest, that's another layer of clothing. Does it have a coat, or jacket? Another layer. Do the clothes have ruffles or pleats? Do the clothes have a specific pattern that I need to manually recreate? Are they wearing a hat? Holding an item? Does the item need to be able to be removed? That involves magnets sewn into the item and the plush + the cost of the magnets themselves.

And the list goes on and on. All of these things, and more, can add to the cost of a plush, because all of these things add to the time, effort, and sometimes materials needed to create the plush.

Do your plushie prices include shipping and handling charges?
No. I like to ship with USPS Priority Mai (which includes tracking number), and I ship USPS International Priority (with insurance) OR First Class Registered Mail (basically, whichever is cheapest for your situation)for countries outside the US. I know it seems expensive (especially the international), but I want your plush to actually get to you, and I don't want to have to deal with worrying that it got lost (though I'll probably worry anyway, because that's just how I am ). You get what you pay for, after all. I pack them well, usually wrapped in bubble wrap, or tissue paper, or surrounded by packing peanuts to make sure nothing happens to them.

What payment methods do you accept?
At the moment, only Paypal. It's just the most convenient method for me, and the safest, as far as I'm concerned.

What is Paypal?
It is a online payment service. It is frequently used by those who buy/sell on Ebay. You need a bank account/and or credit card to have a Paypal account.

Do you accept partial payments?
Absolutely not. When someone tells me they will be sending along payment, I expect it to be the FULL payment. If I get anything less, I WILL send it back to you minus the paypal fee,. So, please, do not send me any partial payments. If I've already agreed to make your plushie, then I will be happy to wait for full payment as long as my schedule permits (in other words, as long as I don't get booked up with other commissions by the time you pay), because I can not wait for people who have not paid yet, so I advise you to have payment ready when inquiring about a commission.

What if I don't have the money yet, but I just want to inquire about how much my plushie might cost, or if you'd be up to making it?
That's fine. I'll be only too happy to give you a price estimate, so no worries. Send your questions my way. ^__^

Do you make plushies of animals/creatures?
If the animal/creature is human-shaped in appearance, I'll likely take it on. ^__^

Once you accept my commission, when will you start working on my plush?
It depends how many commissions I currently have, and if you have paid. If you've already paid me, then no worries, your plush will get done in a timely manner, I promise.^__^ But, it's all about first come, first serve. And if you haven't paid, then, as far as I'm concerned, the commission has NOT been accepted yet. When you've paid in full, I will put you on a list, and the plushies will be completed in order of payment received.

Will I be getting updates?
I'll definitely contact you letting you know when I've started work on your plush, and also when I'm about to ship it. I'll also post the plush up in my gallery here(but only if it's a plush I haven't made before), so you'll know when it's done, and that it'll be on it's way to you soon. ^__^

Can I cancel a plush commission if I change my mind?
No. Once the transaction has gone through, and I've received full payment, you cannot cancel, and there will be no refunds, so make sure you are completely positive that you want this plush when you first commission it.

Can I change the character that I first requested if I've already sent payment?
Absolutely not. The requested character that you started out with will be the one you are getting. I'm sorry, but once I accept a commission (received payment), I'll already be in the planning stages for the pattern of that character, as well as likely having purchased materials. and I will not change anything because you suddenly changed your mind. Also, the price of the plush depends on the character itself, so if you change your mind, the price may even turn out to be less or more than what you originally paid. Therefore, once the payment is sent, you can consider everything that preceded the acceptance of the commission iron-clad, and unchangeable. No exceptions.

Okay, I've read all of the above, and I still want to commission you, what do I need to do as the commissioner?
You need to have reference pictures ready. At the very least, I will need a full front and back view of the character, and I'm all about the details of a plush, so make sure you've got TONS of reference pictures to provide me. Also, I won't go searching for more pics, so that's on you. Especially if it's a character I don't know (which it likely will be, because my anime/video game knowledge isn't as expansive as it could be), because if I don't see it in the pic, it won't be on your plush. So, be as detailed as possible, and be ready with as many pics of your character as possible. The more the merrier. ^^

Where do I send my Request?
You can email me at my gmail account: Squisherific, note me on my Deviantart account ( or send me a request here.