Acetone Smoothin' for an ABS Part!

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*I'll have actually pictures soon! I forgot to take some XD*

This is to give any ABS object you purchase from me a nice good ol' smoothin'!

ABS can actually be smoothed out with acetone, so good-bye extrusion lines, hello smooth!

If you get this option with your object (like a pot or bowl) allow for another day possessing time! After the acetone does it's thing to the plastic it will need a few days to air out and cure. It can stay sticky and malleable for a bit till it gets back it's original harness.

If you get multiple items you want too smooth and they are all bought at the same time., leave me a message telling me which one(s) you would like to get smoothed! If you want to smooth more than one you can! This is for all the items in your cart not just for one! So lets say you buy 3 ABS pots and one PLA pot. You want to get two of your ABS pots acetone smoothed. When you purchase all your items (including this add-on) leave me a message telling me what you want smoothed and I'll get right on it!.

And don't worry! I'll refund you the $1.50 if you choose PLA or something other than ABS and accidentally buy the acetone smooth and lets say, a PLA pot. Am not hinder you for a simple mistake.

I also make this a "digital download" so there is no shipping cost nor my Esty telling em to ship things.