Exceptional 5.19 Carat 11.5 mm Genuine MOISSANITE, Diamond-Grade White, VVS Clarity! USA Seller/Stock

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(Please skip to the bottom if you want to get right to the exact specification for this gemstone!)

This is a truly exceptional Moissanite, with excellent fire and excellent clarity.

For price comparison, note that you can buy a Moissanite that's roughly the same size and color for $2299.00 from JTV.

Many people are not aware that Charles and Colvard's patent on Moissanite
has expired, so they are no longer the sole manufacturer of Moissanite.
Competitors have entered the market, such as Moissanite International.

Moissanite has only one possible chemical composition, so a gemstone either is or is not Moissanite. Once you are dealing with Moissanite, then literally the only things you are paying for with C&C are the presumption of good cut, good color, and good clarity. Yet even C&C will not offer you the level of personalized detail you see in our photos; they typically only offer you one "stock video" that is supposed to represent every Moissanite in that line -- so you simply have to hope that you'll get "a good one." Because the reality with C&C is that their "clarity cutoff" is VS2, so you may not even receive a gem that lives up to the quality of the gemstone we're offering in this listing!

In other words, you could pay triple our price with C&C and still end up with a Moissanite that is of lesser quality than ours!

So what exactly DOES C&C give you for that extra thousand dollars? They give you (ready?): A certificate. That's right, a piece of paper, for the bargain price of only $1000.00! What a deal.

The funny thing is, jewelers trust only one thing: Our own tests and observations. We could care less about "certificates," because the certificates for Moissanite are printed by the exact same people who are selling it. These "certificates" are NOT from independent organizations like GIA.

A "certificate" is not the same thing as an independent appraisal or a grading report. Certificates have zero market value.

And since Moissanite is literally the only gemstone besides diamond that will test positive on an electronic diamond tester, any jeweler or pawnshop can verify it's genuine in about 10 seconds flat. Do you really think they're going to care about "a certificate"? Trust us, most jewelers don't even want to see your "certificate," because it is of zero meaning and of zero value to them.

Here's the thing that sometimes worries people: There is some poor-quality Moissanite on the market, usually from India, and it is indeed wise to avoid it. As with many sellers, these overseas sellers typically give you a few stock photos, which often look nothing like the gem you end up receiving.

But you won't have that problem with our Moissanite gems, because you are always able to see exactly what you're purchasing ahead of time! And, as you can readily tell from our detailed and magnified photos, this is indeed a very high-quality gemstone.

The beauty of this, and what makes this so simple for you, is that since you can see in our detailed photos that you'll be getting all the good qualities you want (good cut, color, and clarity) in the exact same gemstone (Moissanite), but for 67% off the price of the other guys, well... why on Earth wouldn't you take advantage of this opportunity?

This is, as the saying goes, "a no-brainer."

So don't waste thousands of dollars more just to get a piece of paper from the seller that says: "Yep, we sold you a Moissanite."

We test everything we sell ahead of time, and we guarantee all our gemstones are 100% genuine. We also offer a no-hassle return policy, so if you're unsatisfied for any reason, then simply return it to us for a full refund.

And odds are good that if you like our gem in the pictures, then you're going to like it in real life, too, because it's the exact same gem you're getting.
We are morally opposed to stock photos, because they are often misleading, so you will never find a Gems Eternal listing that uses stock photos.

So, with that out of the way...

This is 100% Genuine Moissanite with excellent fire, and a diamond equivalent weight of roughly 5.85 carats.

This gem is a true diamond-white color, near colorless (only D-color diamonds are truly colorless, and most diamonds are NOT D-color), so this Moissanite looks very much like an actual diamond.

This sparkling gem is eye-clean, with no inclusions visible to the naked eye. It is even difficult to locate inclusions under 10x magnification, and while we almost never give out grades of VVS, this gem earns one -- which means it's of better quality than many C&C Moissanites.

We don't have a master diamond grading set to arrive at an exact diamond color grade, but our best guess is that this gem is in the "near colorless" G-H-I diamond color range, which is the same color range as most "name brand" Moissanites, including the majority of Charles and Colvard stock (and often C&C's "GHI" is really closer to "JKL").

As you probably already know, Moissanite is the perfect gemstone; it's harder than ruby and sapphire, durable, and has considerably more fire than even diamond! And Moissanite will not cloud over time like CZ does. CZ has only an 8 hardness, but Moissanite has a hardness of 9.25-9.5, so pretty much the only thing that can scratch Moissanite is diamond itself.

Photos are the exact Moissanite you will receive; we never use stock photos. Please do keep in mind that monitor calibrations vary.

Photos were taken in natural sunlight and shade, NO lighting tricks!

Specifications and Approximate Measurements:

Weight: 5.19 carat
Size: Round brilliant; 11.46 x 6.9 mm (approx.)
Clarity: VVS2 (+/-1) -- eye clean
Color: Diamond-grade near-colorless white (G-H-I)
Fire: Excellent

Estimated Retail Value: $2,300.00

Shipping insurance for the full purchase price is already included.

USA Seller and Stock!

Buy with confidence -- we are a USA company, based in Hawai'i, and integrity is our primary goal. We aim for accurate descriptions and revealing photos, but we will gladly accept returns for up to seven days (buyer pays shipping) on any item we sell -- but do please know what you're buying before you purchase.

We've sold hundreds of high-end jewelry pieces and loose diamonds, Moissanites, and precious gemstones (on eBay -- you can look us up if you wish, by searching "Gems Eternal ebay" --we have 100% positive feedback). And we're in this business for the long haul: Our goal is to create happy, repeat customers. Feel free to message us with questions before, during, or after your purchase, and we will do our best to reply within one business day.

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