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The FOAM MATE is a great way to make Air Crete. The benefits of air crete are: insulative, lighter than standard concrete mixes, use less concrete for the same project. The Foam Mate works by adding air into the concrete mix so you can fine-tune how porous your end product is. Once you have experimented with the ratios of ingredients you can create a product for your own particular build.

Our first project will use the air crete in the heat riser of a rocket mass heater. Rocket mass heaters get hot enough to melt steel so the mix had to be just right AND very light weight (it is being used in a movable tiny house).

Watching videos on youtube we are excited to try the Foam Mate on the projects others have show us such as: homes, patio, fence, preform bricks, fire pits, outbuildings, porch with out door kitchen. What would you use it for?

Air Crete has many uses, the air crete tool can be used over and over. Darwin had a lot of fun building this. Hope you do also.

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Average review
nice set of plans, just a little vague on the instruction side thanks Darwin, you're a good man
Dec 1, 2017 by Edward
Nov 25, 2017 by Darrin Bingham
The first three pages of this five page PDF digital download has pictures of components that could have been easily put on one page. The final two pages consists of twenty seven steps in size 14 type. All of which are a single, cryptic short sentence on the assembly of the aircrete device. There is nothing on assembly practices or any suggested settings such as air pressure, mixture variables or what foaming agents might work best. In fact, This may be suitable an introduction to instructions, but to pass it off as any type of complete instructions is an over reach. This review has more information than the instructions. I realize it was only seven dollars. Two dollars would have been fair and three stars is generous. Honey Do Carpenter needs to develop and refine his instruction building skills.
Nov 21, 2017 by Bruce Broderick
Oct 31, 2017 by mysoulwanders .
The seller did a good job putting together this product. I should be able to complete a build of this foam generator using this guide.
Oct 29, 2017 by Millard