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This is a custom order for "maroclaire". If you are not "maroclaire" but would like to work with us on a custom order, please send an email to us at Mail @

Dear Claire,

My husband and I are so happy to be working with you in creating your beautiful handmade jewelry! This will be your link throughout the duration of the creation of your beautiful piece! Check this link at your leisure to see where my husband and I are in the process of making it. In the first part of this link you will find a section where we will post updates to your process. In the second part, you will see your financial and payment information, and in the third part will be details of your order as well as other information. Since these are the details that will be used to make your order, if you see anything that needs to be changed, please let us know right away.

Check here daily to see where we are on your order. If you don't see any updates for that day, this means there is nothing to report. We will try to have all updates posted by noon PST each business day.


By purchasing this link, you are making the down payment of $200.00 . The total amount due will be $(to be determined - we discussed $350-400) and will be paid as follows:

$200.00 due to hold the blue topaz and create the computer sketches for your approval - PAID 10/27/17

Final payment due once you approve the final completed necklace.

You will receive the exact necklace that is described below. Since these are the details that will be used to make your order, if you see anything that needs to be changed, please let us know right away.

1. We will be using LSG589, an emerald cut blue topaz gem for the center stone of the necklace
2. Your necklace will be in all .925 sterling silver
3. We are going to make silver "waves" on either side of the topaz to hold the stone. You will be involved every step of the way to make sure it turns out just how you want it.
4. You have indicated that you want the necklace by: November 17, 2017


By purchasing this link, you indicate that you have read and agree to the shop policies
Your order will be shipped to either the address on your Paypal receipt if you paid by Paypal, or to the billing address on your credit card if you paid directly by credit card.
Once I have received the total amount due and the ring is finished, it will be sent to you. If you need the ring before it is paid off, contact me for financing options. If you can pay any of the payments sooner, or would like to pay a bigger amount at any time, just let me know and I'll change the link.
Because this is a custom order, all payments are non-refundable. The 5 day money-back guarantee also does not apply to custom orders. This is because as you make payments, I purchase parts towards your creation that are non-refundable to me. However, please rest assured that once you receive the ring, if you have any questions, I will do everything in my power to make you happy.
Unless otherwise stated, I may take a mold of your custom ring to use in other similar rings and designs.

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Preparation takes 1-2 business days
Arrives from the United States
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If you need help deciding which gemstone will fit in a setting you already have, please let us assist you. We always recommend that you buy a gemstone for your setting based on the millimeter size of the stone, not carat weight. Two gemstones can be the same carat weight, but due to differences in cut can be different millimeter sizes and may not fit in your setting.

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To date, there is no official, internationally accepted grading system for colored gemstones like there is for diamonds. Therefore you will find many different methods used by many different companies to grade the quality, color, and clarity of colored gemstones. If the gemstone you are viewing is certified, the certification will be in the listing and you can see the grade given to the gemstone by the Certifier. If the gem is not certified, we are using our decades of experience to give the gemstone the best information possible. The grading system we use mimics the diamond grading system and is used in general by many other reputable gemstone companies. Certification may yield slightly different results. Below, you will find our grading system as seen by the naked eye:

VVS – Very, Very Slightly Included. No visible inclusions to the naked eye, they are only seen with 10X magnification. It is very rare for a colored stone to have this kind of clarity.

VS – Very Slightly Included. Inclusions are not visible to the naked eye, they are only seen with 10X magnification.

SI1 – Slightly Included. Some inclusions are slightly visible to the naked eye.

SI2 – Slightly Included. Some inclusions are easily seen with the naked eye.

I1 – Inclusions are obvious to the naked eye.

I2-I3 – Inclusions are very obvious to the naked eye.

Flawless – we only grade a stone flawless if it is lab created or man-made.

Many of our clients buy colored gemstones from us to create beautiful, unique, diamond alternative engagement rings. Therefore, we are commonly asked if the colored gemstone they want will be durable enough for an engagement ring. Very often, this is determined just as much by the way the stone is worn, as it is by how durable the gemstone is. A durable gem, when worn under harsh conditions can still be damaged, or a more fragile gem when worn with gentle care can last for generations. So we have come up with a table to help you decide if the gemstone you want is practical for the type of jewelry you want to create with it. Of course these are just general guidelines. All colored gemstones should be worn with care, and we cannot be responsible for damaged or lost gemstones.

Excellent - This means the gem is very good for everyday wear. We only grade sapphires and diamonds with Excellent. Sapphires are 9 on the hardness scale, Diamonds are 10. We recommend that all engagement rings and every day wear jewelry be created with diamonds, or sapphires if possible.

Very Good - This is for gemstones rated 7.5-8.5 on the hardness scale. With proper care and careful wear, these gems should hold up beautifully.

Good - This is for gems rated 7-7.5 on the hardness scale. Please exercise proper care for these gems if you plan on wearing them often.

Fair - These gems are not recommended for everyday wear unless proper care and extremely careful wear are exercised. Even then, there is a risk of damage.

Fragile - These gems are absolutely not recommended for frequent wear. Even occasional wear should be done with full awareness that the gem can be easily damaged. We absolutely do not recommend these gems for engagement rings or wedding bands. If you do choose these gems for frequent wear, you bear full responsibility for damaged or lost gems.

Please contact us for information regarding the care of your gemstones. Factors such as the metal it is set in, the frequency it is worn, or the other gems it is set with will all affect how the piece should be cared for. We are not responsible for gems that are damaged by using improper care or cleaning treatments.

If you choose to have the gemstone you purchase appraised by your own appraiser, please know that the appraisal of loose gemstones is a very tricky process. Because there is not a Colored Gemstone system that is internationally accepted like there is with Diamonds, the value and grading of a colored gemstone is largely subjective to the Appraiser. Therefore, the value and grading may or may not match up with our purchase prices. We base our prices on what we bought the gemstones for, and their availability. Some appraisers, if they are not up with the times, may not realize that a particular gemstone has suddenly become scarce in availability. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that our gemstones will appraise for the price you bought it. However, if you have any questions regarding this, you may certainly contact us. If it does not appraise where you thought it would, we can help figure out the problem.

Because there are literally thousands of different colored gemstones, and more are being discovered all the time, some gemstones look very similar. We always do our best to accurately identify all gemstones that we sell. Should a gemstone you buy from us ever come back appraised as a different gemstone than was stated in the listing, we will refund your money in full (see our Refund Policies for how to return a gemstone), plus we will pay for the insured shipping both ways, and your appraisal fee upon receipt of the appraisal. In order for your refund to be processed, you will need to provide proof in the form of an appraisal completed by a certified gemologist. Please contact us for details.

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