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Underground, rare, obscure tools. We are talking...out of this country, buried for decades, kinda tools. The ones that you want to bring to life in your designs to create fresh looks. You will have to snatch up those tools ASAP because who knows if you'll see them again. And no one makes them in America. They come from the hidden gem shops in India.

Durga is revered as the most powerful among Goddesses, all over the length and breadth of India. She is always shown with the lion or tiger by her side. As Santoshi Mata, she appears standing along with her tiger. She is sometimes also worshipped in Her peaceful attitude, rightly referred to as Shanta Durga.

The lion or the tiger’s presence as Parvati’s vahana reflects her own ferocity and agression at the time of battle with asuras such as Chanda, Munda and Mahisha. At the same time, one sees Devi Santoshi Mata as a smiling, benevolent figure, standing by her vahana, the tiger. This indicates how she keeps undue aggression and arrogance under her control, without allowing it to become her own true nature. She rides on a lion. Durga was created out of the combined energies of Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva, and other gods. And after she was created, the gods have her a variety of weapons and other ornaments:

The bearer of Pinaka (Siva) drawing forth a trident from his own trident presented it to her; and Visnu bringing forth a discuss out of his own discuss gave her. Varuna gave her a conch, Agni a spear; and Maruta gave a bow as well as two quivers full of arrows. Indra, lord of devas, bringing forth a thunderbolt out of (his own) thunderbolt and a bell from that of his elephant Airavata, gave her. Yama gave a staff from his own staff of Death and Varuna, the lord of waters, a noose ; and Brahma, the lord of beings, gave a string of beads and a water-pot. Surya bestowed his own rays on all the pores of her skin and Kala gave a spotless sword and a shield. The milk-ocean gave a pure necklace, a pair of undecaying garments, a divine crest-jewel, a pair of ear-rings, bracelets, a brilliant half-moon (ornaments), armlets on all arms, a pair of shining anklets, a unique necklace and excellent rings on all the fingers. Visvakarman gave her a very brilliant axe, weapons of various forms and also an impenetrable armour. The ocean gave her a garland of unfading lotuses for her head and another for her breast, besides a very beautiful lotus in her hand. The (mountain) Himavat gave her a lion to ride on and various jewels. The lord of wealth (Kubera) gave her a drinking cup, ever full of wine. Sesa, the lord of all serpents, who supports this earth, gave her a serpent-necklace bedecked with best jewels. Honoured likewise by other devas also with ornaments and weapons, she gave out a loud roar with a defying laugh again and again. By her unending, exceedingly great, terrible roar the entire sky was filled, and there was great reverberation. All worlds shook, the seas trembled.
So Himavat, the god of the Himalayas and father of Shiva's wife Parvati, is the one who gave Durga her lion.

~Since some of these are quite old they may have rust and or defects. All items are sold as is.
~I dont recommend this item being used with a hydraulic press.
~I am willing to ship to other countries send me a message and we will figure out the shipping cost. Thanks for looking!

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Feb 11, 2018 by Sherry Edna

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