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OLYMPUS 35 RC 35mm Rangefinder Camera, Ultra Compact, SUPERB Optics, Manual Exposure Only, Rated Best Compact 35mm Rangefinder Ever, Japan

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Product Information:
For all amateur photographers, the lightweight and small Olympus 35 RC rangefinder film camera will make an excellent travel companion. This Olympus film camera has a 0.6x bright-frame, which offers you clear frame lines. With adequate shutter speeds of 1/15, 1/30, 1/60, 1/125, 1/250, 1/500 and full aperture readouts, this 35mm rangefinder camera enables you to take pictures with great ease. This Olympus film camera’s maximum aperture of f/2.8 offers you bright images even in low-light conditions. The Olympus 35 RC has 5 elements in 4 groups lens construction that gives you great control over the quality of the image produced. With a closest focusing distance of 3 feet, this 35mm rangefinder camera lets you capture even the closest image with great clarity.

Camera condition:
The camera works only in manual mode--NOT automatic. I tested it with a new battery and it does not operate in Automatic exposure mode, but works in manual mode fine. All speeds work properly as do the lens apertures settings. Self-timer works properly. Lens and viewfinder optics are clean, clear and scratch-free. Focusing is accurate and split-image clear and good contrast. There is a small ding on the top-right corner (last photo).

More Info from 'camera guru' Ken Rockwell's Camera Reviews:
The Olympus 35RC seems like a trivial little rangefinder camera, however it's an astoundingly great performer. Not only does it perform magnificently, it's possibly the smallest 35mm rangefinder camera ever made with auto and manual exposure settings.

Compared to a Leica M7, the Olympus 35RC feels cheap and dinky, but it's also easier to use and faster to shoot, and gives the same results. It may feel dinky, but my 35RC has turned out to be far more reliable and dependable than my Leica M7, and the 35RC is far faster to load, too. Focus turns in the same direction.

The finder stays cleaner than the LEICA because the Olympus 35RC's finder is more recessed, and the 35RC has a flash sync speed ten times that of the LEICA.

The Olympus 35RC is a simple camera that just happens to do everything a serious photographer needs. It has nothing to get in the way, and has a superb lens and exposure system that ensures perfect, sharp shots every time with a minimum of weight and fuss.

It provides perfect focus and perfect exposure for every shot, and I got 40 perfect, sharp shots on my first roll of Fuji Velvia 50 slide film. I was astounded. I had thought "Wow, I finally got some decent images out of my 1955 Leica M3," and then I realized it was a roll from the Olympus 35RC!

The Olympus 35RC provides a super-sharp 42mm f/2.8 lens, precise manual rangefinder focus, and amazingly accurate shutter-preferred automatic and manual exposures.

The 35RC is entirely mechanical; even the auto exposure system is electromechanical. The battery moves an exposure needle, and the rest of the camera translates the position of the needle into the correct exposure as powered by your finger pressing the shutter button. Unlike any Leica, it shows apertures and shutter speeds in the finder! Leica also tries to position the Leica M7 as a mechanical camera, but it's not. This Olympus 35RC is genuinely a mechanical camera with auto exposure.

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