Brown Turkey Fig Tree Live Fruit Plant Rooted Potted 7-10 Inch Cold Hardy Organic Pollinated Rare Exotic Ready for Planting 1-2 Years Old

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Name: Brown Turkey Fig

Sunlight: Partial-Full Sun

Watering: Light, More Frequently In Spring/Summer Growing Season But Allow Soil To Dry Before Watering Again

Mature Height: 20-30 Feet

Growing Zones: 9-13

Self Pollinated

Fully Rooted


Ships USPS from Southern California

Water: Only water the plants when the soil is completely dry. If the soil has any moisture, do not water them. When you water your plants be sure they are being watered in the evening or late afternoon. Plants best absorb water and nutrients from the soil during their rest period (which is in the evening). Over-watering is the easiest way to kill plants. It is also important to address under-watering. An under-watered plant will show signs of stress with drooping or withered leaves. A good watering will perk the leaves right up.

Sunlight: When you first receive them keep them in soft sun or indirect light only and slowly introduce them to direct sunlight. Not being careful with proper sun introduction can cause the plants to sunburn. Burn will either kill the leaves or cause them to look unsightly.

Temperature: These plants are very tough plants but they are not indestructible. A good rule is to not allow your plants to be in temperatures below 20 degrees without protection. These plants truly thrive between 50 degrees and 85 degrees. It is ok if the temperature gets above this mark, you will just need to take extra precaution to ensure your plants do not burn. You will want to keep your plants out of direct afternoon sun if the temperatures are rising above 100 degrees. If the temperature is dropping below 20 you will want to keep them indoors/greenhouse to ensure they do not freeze.


Be sure to immediately bring your package inside and completely unwrap your plants. Often it is easiest to open the box from the bottom and carefully remove the wrapped roots. Place your plants in a location that they will be able to receive soft sun or indirect light. Water your plants if the soil is completely dry. Refer to the Care guide above. If you are looking to transplant these plants, you will want to squeeze the sides of the pot to loosen the soil. Put your hand over the whole top of the open side pot while turning the pot upside down. This will start to remove the plant from the container. Use your other hand to keep the soil and roots intact. Create a small hole in your new soil area to place your plant into and compress the soil slightly.

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SHIPPING & HANDLING: We ship 1-2 days after payment is received. If the weather en-route to your destination is unfavorable, shipping will be delayed until weather permits. Shipping from Southern California

WE GUARANTEE LIVE DELIVERY: Message us with a photo of the plant immediately upon if the plants arrive in poor condition. We cannot guarantee plants that are no longer in our care. Many of our plants require warm/dry temperatures. Shipping to different weather conditions will be at buyer's risk. We offer quality plants that are inspected and approved for shipment.

SPECIAL WEATHER CONSIDERATIONS: Many plants will go dormant in the cold/dark months and we may ship plants while they're dormant however, the plants are still alive. It is normal and healthy for plants to go dormant, it helps ensure they have a long and healthy life. If you receive a plant without leaves, do not worry it is likely to have went dormant, just message us with photos if this is the case.


Buyer is responsible for knowing the laws, regulations, and restrictions for shipping of invasive plant materials into their individual state, as these rules change frequently!

We accept wholesale shipping/pricing, contact us for quotes on any plants of your choice.

For any reason, if you are not pleased with your plant, we ask that you contact us before leaving feedback. Our 24/7 customer service speaks for itself!

    Average review
    Cute sturdy little bare root with couple tiny leaves arrived well packed. Over a month later and the plant has 4+ giant leaves and new shoots and baby leaves. Very happy w purchase.
    Aug 1, 2018 by Motoko
    A stick with one branch with barely two leaves on it. 1 star for each leaf.
    Jul 5, 2018 by Chris Fair
    Awesome. Fast shipping and great advice. Thx
    Jun 9, 2018 by Marcos Melendez

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