Aunt Vouivre's, Gerald Brosseau Gardner, Ceylon Tomb, 1.77 ct. Lilac Spinel Cushion Cut Gem - The Voodoo Estate

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Aunt Vouivre's, Gerald Brosseau Gardner, Ceylon Tomb, 1.77 ct. Lilac Spinel, Cushion Cut Gem


This is another of our very long listings with an abundance of well researched text and only seventeen photographs available upon request!

So please sit back and read the listing through. If you have come this far, we feel you will find it was worth the wait.

It has now been just over sixteen ago since we were called to do the estate that had been closed up for seventeen years!

~!~ The Voodoo Estate! ~!~

This type of call usually gets us excited as they are a treasure trove. Located here in Florida, there was no electricity or running water so we rigged our own lighting and in we went. If you have ever seen the Adams Family you will have some idea as to what we were greeted with! Then the attorney handling the liquidation gave us some background. The estate had belonged to an alleged powerful Voodoo Priestess/JooJoo Exorcist, grand daughter of a Marie Laveau, and favored daughter of a Marie Glapion.

These names meant nothing to us, but the late night talk of Voodoo and exorcism in the old mansion was enough to make us decide to spend the night in a hotel and return in the morning to assess the estate.The rest is history.

Our research has shown that this woman was what she claimed and was indeed descended from a long line of well known Vodoun family originating in New Orleans in the early 1800's. We were pretty unnerved by this until we discovered they were also devout Catholics! Although I have to admit this was unlike any Catholic home we have ever been in and some of the items found inside were a little more than unnerving.

There was no feeling of dread or unwelcome in the mansion, however there was quite a bit of contraband and other items we can or will not sell here.

This is one of a few pieces from this estate we will be listing this week, so check our other items.

We will, upon the new guardian's request, issue a named Letter of Authenticity with each piece from this estate, complying with the terms set forth to us by the estate's attorney.
Some Back Story
This is one of the one hundred and eleven spinel gems recovered from a tapestry covered wooden music box on the Main Altar or Shrine to her, "Aunt Vouivre"


Aunt Vouivre
1867? - 1936


A blood Aunt, she had been taken into the fold as, "a young initiate", by Marie Glapion. Chronological investigation revealed her to be, "of Rumanian and French descent, sent to the United States to avoid police questioning in the murder by poison of an elderly man in 1878. Revenge for sexual assault being her motive."

Their mother's apparently did have a marital connection that made Aunt Vouivre a Third Great Aunt. Her journals indicate they were three years apart in age, Aunt Vouivre being the elder. They also show a forty year history as a part time live-in, full time practitioner follower whose specialty was toxins. Allegedly she had the ability to communicate with reptiles, often seeking out specific species for their fluids for use in her poisons.

Her journals note of Aunt Vouivre's murder in France, in 1936.


Our own research revealed;

~!~ Guivre ~!~

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, for the most part...

A guivre is a mythical creature similar to a dragon. In legend they were portrayed as serpentine creatures who possessed venomous breath and prowled the countryside of Medieval France. The words "guivre" (wurm, wyvern, which is derived from it, or serpent) and "givre" are spelling variations of the more common word "vouivre". Vouivre, in Franc
Comtois, is the equivalent of the old French word "guivre." All these forms are derived ultimately from Latin vīpera, as is English viper.

Guivres were said to possess a long, serpentine body and a dragon's head. The guivre had horns in its forehead in some accounts, as well. Locally in France it was known as an extremely aggressive creature that would sometimes attack without being provoked. They were afraid of naked humans, and when they saw them, blushed and looked away. Documentation points to their residence as being in small bodies of water like pools and lakes, forests, and any damp place.

~!~ La Guivre ~!~

Samson of Dol was present at an encounter between a small dragon-like creature (known as "La Guivre") and a priest. Samson had come to visit Saint Suliao with an entourage of followers. Suliao was impoverished but sought to provide a meal as best as possible for the group. One priest, uneasy with the low quality of food, took a bread roll and hid it under his robe. Almost instantaneously he started convulsing and Suliao pulled apart his bosom, seeing what the man had done. He admonished the priest and removed a hideous serpentine creature from the robe. There he exorcised it and then compelled another man to throw it from the roof of a building in Garot.

~!~ Vouivre ~!~

Guivres are also well known as vouivres, and the terms have become synonymous. For example, in The Drac: French Tales of Dragons and Demons, the vouivre is depicted as a female creature with dazzling, green scales which emanate sound as the vouivre flies. The vouivre is depicted as greedy, her head crowned with pearls and a golden ring about her tail. The beast in this story stayed in a cave for most of her time, then left to bathe only for a few minutes.


The Spinel Gem


Her journals and inventory tell us this 6.9 x 6.4 x 4.7625 mm, 1.77 ct., cushion cut lilac spinel gem was, "a gift of appreciation", from a man she names as, "Gerald Brosseau Gardner", in 1910.
In these journals she writes of Gardner as being, "a mean spirited, but gifted man with a long lineage of political and occult power with many of his descendants entering into marriages where both families had lineages dating back to ancient times. From her notes we have gathered that he was much enamored with Aunt Vouivre, gifting her with a quantity of jewelry and loose gems he claimed to have recovered from an ancient hidden tomb in Ceylon in 1905.

It would be twenty-five years before The Mistress of this estate would be able find this same tomb and thoroughly loot it!

Much is already written about Gardner so there is no need to elaborate on him here. A cursory search will provide some very interesting reading, much of which their journal entries corroborate, including his bloodline and alleged powers. She does make mention of using his gifts in scry meditations to, "locate this tomb hidden by jungle and magic."

It is apparent Aunt Vouivre and her niece had intimate relations with Gardner, their agenda however was to locate this tomb, having nothing more to do with him once they had found it. After his death, both women claimed to have been visited often by Gardner as they felt he was still connected to them through his gifts and their early relationship which she claimed made these strong, clear connections with them possible.

Some of the recovered journal entries concerning the spinel gems they received from Gardner as gift's read; "Here is a physical, spiritual and emotional healer that heals and balances the heart and root chakra.”

"These are revitalizing gems full of inspiration and hope."

"A chakraenergizing stone on all levels."

"Spinel, a water element gemstone that soothes, releasing ones worries and fears while recharging the energy levels through the chakra by the way of natural absorption."

“It is a rejuvenating stone that will help you overcome fatigue and anxiety.”

“cleanse your aura with this stabilizing and grounding stone.”


This is a natural color spinel gemstone that was mined in Ceylon (Sri Lanka) in the early 20th. century. The stone is natural color, unheated and untreated. It is of fine cut with a small table and excellent brilliance. It views clean when viewed face up under 10x loupe magnification with a rich lilac color (100% natural color).

We estimate the value for this spinel gem to be $235.86/carat x 1.77 carats = $417.47.

It is certainly a fine quality spinel gem with an extraordinary provenance that is much nicer than our photographer has been able to depict.


We have been contacted and visited by a number of people who were interested in the items from this estate since our first batch was listed. Among the buyers have been known psychics and practitioners. More than one, after adorning themselves or handling their purchase, stated "this is a woman of power!" Many of our customers, after receiving items from this estate have reported dream contacts and other unexplained phenomenon.

Unusual, authentic Voodoo Priestess Estate piece at a bargain price!

This is truly a rare opportunity to own anything with attributes to this estate. The majority of this estate is now gone. Most of what we had left, and it was considerable, has been split up and sold to a couple of private, foreign collector practitioners and will never be available to the public again. We made the decision to do this as we have had some pretty strange visits from even stranger individuals and there have been enough unexplained phenomenon going on in the warehouse where her things were kept that many of our employees refused to go in there.

The pieces offered and sold here are some of the few remaining pieces that will ever be offered to the public.

Nice addition to any collection, altar, wardrobe or decor, displays really well.

Really doesn't get any better than this.

There are 17 photographs, so please give them time to load, and enjoy the listing.

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Photographer's note; I hate photographing gemstones, but I must be getting better! Shown here are are the best of only two photo sessions!
None of them do the stone justice and satisfaction is, as always, guaranteed.


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