8.08 ct. Ayurvedic Kundalini Yogi's Faceted Round Cut Imperial Topaz Gem - A Black Pyramid Vèvé Room Find - The Voodoo Estate

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*~•✦•••❖••••✦•~*· ~ Voodoo Priestess Estate ~ *~•✦•••❖••••✦•~*

8.08 ct., Ayurvedic Kundalini Yogi's Imperial Topaz, Faceted Round Cut Gem


A Black Pyramid Vèvé Room Find


This is another of our very long listings with an abundant text and 15 photographs available upon request!

So please sit back and read the listing through. If you have come this far, we think you will find it was worth the wait.

It has now been just over sixteen and a half years ago since we were called to do an estate that had been closed up for seventeen years!

~!~ The Voodoo Estate! ~!~

This type of call usually gets us excited as they are a treasure trove. Located here in Florida, there was no electricity or running water so we rigged our own lighting and in we went. If you have ever seen the Adams Family you will have some idea as to what we were greeted with! Then the attorney handling the liquidation gave us some background. The estate had belonged to an alleged powerful Voodoo Priestess/JooJoo Exorcist, grand daughter of a Marie Laveau, and favored daughter of a Marie Glapion.

These names meant nothing to us, but the late night talk of Voodoo and exorcism in the old mansion was enough to make us decide to spend the night in a hotel and return in the morning to assess the estate.The rest is history.

Our research has shown that this woman was what she claimed and was indeed descended from a long line of well known Voodoo family originating in New Orleans in the early 1800's.

We were pretty unnerved by this until we discovered they were also devout Catholics! Although I have to admit this was unlike any Catholic home we have ever been in and some of the items found inside were a little more than unnerving.

There was no feeling of dread or unwelcome in the mansion, however there was quite a bit of contraband and other items we can or will not sell here.

This is one of a few pieces from this estate we will be listing this week, so check our other listings!

We will, upon the new guardian's request, issue a named Letter of Authenticity with each piece from this estate, complying with the terms set forth to us by the estate's attorney.

~!~ Some Back Story ~!~

Found in what we have named "The Black Pyramid Vèvé Room". This room was an interesting work of architecture. Windowless and located just above the Main Ballroom in the center of the mansion. It was only accessible through a trapdoor and cast iron spiral staircase from the storage room above it. The floor was four feet below the Main Ballroom ceiling, well concealed by the baroque architecture. The architect had concealed the room in the floor above by surrounding it with four guest suites, it was dead center in the mansion.

Painted black, with ebony flooring and paneling, the contents of the room consisted of seven, LiDiex Black Glass and Silver, charging pyramid boxes and their contents.

Measuring exactly twelve feet x twelve feet with a twelve foot ceiling, the room was well concealed by the architecture of the building, but it was stifling as there was no ventilation, the only air coming from the trap door above and that was not much.

Only a few of us went into this room to recover and inventory the contents and none of us could stay in there for more than a few minutes, it was, well, disorientating.

This was another room with no wiring for electrical power. On the floor were the remnants of previously used vèvé's that we assume were drawn with the chalky powder found in one of the pyramids. The remaining six pyramids contained an interesting assortment of jewelry, gems, mineral specimens and an assortment of other eclectic artifacts that she kept inventoried in a separate journal concerning the ceremonies conducted in this room.

The pyramids varied in size from 9" x 9" x 7" to 3' x 3' x 2.2', so this was a massive undertaking as most of these were too big, heavy and/or fragile to get out of there safely, full as they were.

Concerning the pieces from this room she writes, "I have used these pieces to awaken psychic perception and mystical awareness and have found them to strengthen my memory and as an aid in dreaming. I continue to receive insight and inspiration from them."

And; "many of the ones awakened have sought refuge here, most being complacent in their worlds. They will come if called to a blood match."

In these journals she makes some fantastic claims concerning these items and real or imagined, we understand why she was as feared and respected as she was. We can attest that pieces from this room have shown to possess some remarkable attributes or association with what might be called paranormal activity. Some of those who have had access to these items and/or their photographs have been quoted as feeling ill or nauseous, often followed by a feeling of warmth, well being, happiness and power. In addition there are numerous reports from those who claim to have perceived, felt, saw, sensed, etc., at the very least movement in and/or around the stones or jewelry settings, many times directly related to them, but you be the judge.


The Gems


These were recovered from a large silk pouch containing sixty-two Imperial Topaz gems that was found on the middle shelf of the third pyramid. Her journals and inventory tell us these were given her by the Ayurvedic Kundalini Yogi'.

~!~ The Ayurvedic Kundalini Yogi ~!~

Her journals and inventory go on to tell us "these are part of the hoard of Bhai Singh Sahib". The first journal entry concerning this Yogi she names as, "Bhai Singh Sahib", is dated July 13th., 1929 and tells of a young Sikh forced to flee his homeland for religious persecution. He was a Hindu, who was thought to have killed a Nawab.

It is not clear where their introduction was made. Perhaps in her travels or through an associate, but we can not find any previous mention of, "The Ayurvedic Kundalini Yogi", as he is named in later entries.

The journal entries concerning Sahib span the four decade period he essentially spent in exile with those associated with this estate until the time of his death. "Drawn to our ways he has added his Sikh blood to our line", according to one entry, which indicates to us that he took a mistress or wife that bore children during this time, but this section of journal is badly water damaged and illegible.

Little detail was found concerning his life prior to shutting himself in this estate for forty years for the most part. There are numerous reference to his having been taught by Sant Hazara Singh of fame, but we have not been able to corroborate this. In a detailed journal entry that pertains to his exile she relates his story she claims had been told to her directly from Sahib. It began in December of 1928 and ended in the Himalayas of Northern India in January, of 1929.

"The eldest son of the Nawab had kidnapped, raped and murdered my sister, but vengeance was not to be mine. He fled into the mountains with a small retainer that I managed to kill in three ambushes, yet in each instance the young Nawab escaped. This vendetta fueled chase took us deep into the mountains and sixteen days had now elapsed when I spotted his campfire in the valley below. Taking refuge in a cave I prepared myself for the final pre-dawn assault in which I meant to take his life. I would estimate no more than three hours had elapsed when I heard his screams in the night which I assumed to be his night terrors caused by his insidious deeds. As it played out I was not far from wrong. A Red Bear bore on his camp and dragged him away screaming which was the commotion I heard. It took three days to find where the bear had cached his remains in the snow having first eaten nearly the entire trunk and the face of the Nawab. I scavenged the sight taking his flesh meat, bone, his misbaha, rings and his knife. I am of course now hunted in exile for the bear's work."

She goes on to note that he claims to have eaten the flesh and fashioned the bone of the young Nawab into talisman, and that the lapis lazuli beads taken from the three misbaha recovered from the scene by Sahib were later used in many of their prayer bead bracelets. The bone pieces were fashioned into unusual skull beads made from the knuckles, elbows and femurs of the Nawab.

We're sure he fit right in!


There is also strong indication that this Yogi was a member of her "Zuvembie", a secret, in house sect of what were essentially thugs or assassins she gathered to do her will.

They obviously thought highly of him as his funeral ceremony is detailed from the bathing and clothing of his body to the cremation ceremony where, "Kirtan Sohila, the nighttime prayer was recited and Ardas offered which induced a feeling of detachment as the flames took his body", to the ashes being disposed of by immersing them in the Miami River and the non continuous reading of the entire Sri Guru Granth Sahib that was timed to conclude on the tenth day marking the end of the mourning period.

Another entry reads, "he was a passionate healer whose works stimulate the Kundalini through the activation of the Coccygeal Chakra."


This Gem


Although there is no history of these stones prior to coming to this estate, her journals tell us Bhai Singh Sahib had brought a fortune in gems with him, and that he was very generous with them, especially with the women associated with this estate. She also tells us he received parcels from India on a regular basis which we believe contained gems.

This Imperial Topaz gem is one of the sixty-two described above.

It is a natural faceted round Imperial Topaz gemstone of fine cut with excellent color described as orange with red dichroism, (meaning when tilted in the light, it can appear as red and/or orange). It is the natural color of an unheated, untreated gem. The gem is well faceted and proportioned in a brilliant round shaped cut. It is completely clean to the eye with very faint natural inclusions visible only under close inspection at very high magnification. It was faceted from a natural imperial topaz crystal from an unknown mine, but most likely Brazil and dating to the late 1920's, India gem trade. Originating in Brazil and making its way to India to be sold to the Nawab's for jewelry.

The gem measures approximately 11.525 x 11.525 x 9.525 mm, 8.08 ct.

It is cut with a thick girdle and very high pavilion making it easy to set the stone to come into contact with the wearer's skin.


She and her associates were no strangers to the Gem trade of India in the early 20th. century, In one of her journal entries she describes a gathering of men in the street of the diamond and gold business district of Bombay, who began openly selling gemstones.

Our research revealed this practice continues today. Bombay area Law enforcement authorities say they rarely enter Dhanji Street, where the illegal gem business represents only a small fraction of the gem trade. According to industry figures, the legal export of cut and polished gemstones is now India's biggest foreign exchange earner, topping $1.1 billion last year.

Others who have worked in the area for more than fifty years say the illegal market has existed for decades but really began to flourish in the early 1960's when diamond exports began to boom.

In both Dhanji Street and in the plush, high-rise buildings six miles away, where the wealthier and most important gem exporters work and live, the diamond trade is nourished and dominated by a network of about 250 related families, all of whom come from the small, dusty town of Palanpur, 200 miles north of bombay, in Gujarat state. They share a common religion, Jainism, which teaches vegetarianism, discipline, Spartan living and faith in self-improvement.


She makes numerous reference to these stones with journal entries, some of which read; "They are the most well omened of magical stones. long regarded for its ability to protect both the person and their surroundings."

"It is a miraculous healer whose limits I have not begun to test. The gems lend themselves well to ritual use especially as an additive to liquids. This is essentially spirit induced as the stones have a presence in the spirit worlds."

"As your keepstone you may call upon it for courage, to draw love to you, dispel negativity and stimulate your intellect."

"When displayed in the home, it protects against accidents and fire. When worn, it protects against Jealousy, injury, madness, evil spirits,, nightmares, sleepwalking and all forms of black magic!"

Our own research revealed;

In ancient Greece topaz was believed to be a stone of power that increased strength and provided invisibility to the wearer. In ancient Egypt and Rome topaz was an embodiment of Ra and Apollo.

Imperial topaz is the birthstone for those born in November and for those born under the zodiacal sign of Sagittarius. It is also the gemstone that commemorates the 23rd. wedding anniversary. In traditional Indian belief system's, topaz is said to unlock the throat chakra, which facilitates communication and self-expression. Therefore, topaz is thought to be beneficial to artists, writers, public speakers and others who are concerned with self-expression. Some believe that topaz can promote virility in men.


Final Commentary


Concerning these lots are some of the following excerpts from the written statement of one of the principals; "When we first entered this room we used pocket led flashlights, commonly known as tactical lights, this room lit up like a light show as we directed the beams, the three of us said "did you see that?" Among other things."

"When we ran 2000 watts of light down there, the lights shut down, period. They just would not work in the room. We checked the generators and the lights worked fine out of that room, but in it, no go. Regular, battery operated flashlights went dead in there too, fresh batteries went dead in a second."

To date, Energizer has not responded.

Little more thought was given this until one of us more or less became the caretaker of this lot, more because he was the only one able to get to the warehouse alcove where the balance of this estate is kept due to the way we had packed the volume of merchandise that came into the warehouse over the ensuing years.

Although the photographer is no longer commenting on his use of a directed, high intensity led and ultra-violet light in taking some of the photographs, the staff member who retrieved many of these items from "the hole", the warehouse alcove where the balance of the items from this estate are being stored, offers some insight as to what has transpired.

"It was typical to be back there and have the power go out, but this can easily be attributed to our weather conditions amid sorry excuse for a power company, but I had taken one of my pocket tac-lights with me and the first time I used it back there was, well, nothing short of phenomenal and overwhelming. This is not a joke, they like the light!"


We have been contacted and visited by a number of people who were interested in the items from this estate since our first batch was listed. Among the buyers have been known psychics and practitioners. More than one, after adorning themselves or handling their purchase, stated "this is a woman of power!" Many of our customers, after receiving items from this estate have reported dream contacts and other unexplained phenomenon.

Unusual, authentic Voodoo Priestess Estate piece and at a bargain price!

This is truly a rare opportunity to own anything with attributes to this estate.

The majority of this estate is now gone. Most of what we had left, and it was considerable, has been split up and sold to a couple of private, foreign collector practitioners and will never be available to the public again.

We made the decision to do this as we have had some pretty strange visits from even stranger individuals and there have been enough unexplained phenomenon going on in the warehouse where her things were kept that many of our employees refused to go in there.

The pieces offered and sold here are some of the few remaining pieces that will ever be offered to the public.

Nice addition to any collection, altar, wardrobe or decor, displays really well.

Really doesn't get any better than this.

There are only 15 photographs, available upon request.

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Check our other items as new lots are usually posted daily.

©Text and Photos Copyright 2001-2018 bushidobuce


Our photographs are never enhanced or manipulated.

Above taken with incandescent light, below with broad spectrum led, ultra violet and infra-red lighting.


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