Limited Edition LAMPWORK BEAD, by Hollen Beads

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This Lampwork Focal Bead is approximately 18mm x 28mm.

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Each bead is carefully created by me, in my home studio in Philomath, Oregon. I use imported Italian Moretti\/Effetre, Vetrofond, or domestic Uroboros glass. Each bead is wound on a 3\/32 inch mandrel.

All beads are carefully kiln annealed, in a digitally controlled kiln, thoroughly cleaned and inspected.

As each bead is handmade, differences will occur from one bead to the next.
Beads may appear larger than actual size.

Although effort is made to photographically recreate the true colors in each bead, differences may occur.

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When purchasing glass beads, the following is a list of things to watch for:

1. Carefully check each bead for tiny cracks.
These cracks will eventually grow causing the bead to break.

2. Check the bead ends, they should be smooth and free of any rough spots or edges. A rough spot will cause unwanted wear when the piece is strung.

3. The bead hole should be free of any debris. Less expensive beads often have a layer of dried bead release left in the hole. Frequently these beads have not been annealed and will break when you attempt to clean them. In an attempt to save time, thus labor costs, the manufacturers of these beads must take short cuts. These short cuts can be costly to the consumer. I learned this lesson the hard way!

4. Your beads MUST be properly annealed.
There is no way for you to visually inspect a bead to see if it has been properly annealed. Although a dirty bead hole suggests short cutting of the necessary steps need to create the best possible product, it is not certain proof.

5. Price is generally an indicator of quality. Although you will see a wide range in pricing, it is the extremely low priced items that may be questionable.

6. Remember the old saying “you get what you pay for”.
The best way to tell if your beads have been created to last, is to know your Lampwork Artist.