Make This: No-Loom Woven Wall Hanging

You don’t need a loom to weave this DIY wall decor.

Skill Level



1-4 hours

Skill level
1-4 hours
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The Etsy Studio Team

Written By

The Etsy Studio Team

You don’t need a loom to weave this DIY wall decor – a macrame hoop, thick wool roving, a pair of scissors, and a measuring tape are all it takes. Use wool roving in its natural color (as we did), or opt for hand-dyed roving to create a colorful wall hanging. For extra flourish, add wooden beads to the bottom fringe. Ready to start weaving?

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Step 1: Measure and cut 5 strands of wool roving

Measure 80 in. / 2 m. of wool roving. Cut. Repeat to create a total of 5 strands of roving.

Step 2: Fold roving strands in half and set hoop on top

Fold all of roving strands in half. Next, line them up on a flat surface and place your hoop on top.

Step 3: Attach roving strands to the hoop using a cow hitch knot

Place the folded side of one of your roving strands under the metal hoop and thread the two cut ends through the loop, so that the roving is attached to the hoop. Pull taught to create a cow hitch knot. Repeat with your remaining roving strands.

Step 4: Flip the hoop

Pick up your hoop and flip it, so that the cow hitch knots are at the top of your hoop, hanging down. These vertical strands will be what you weave through, also known as your "warp."

Step 5: Cut a length of roving to weave with

To determine how much roving you’ll need to weave into your warp, zigzag the roving back and forth across your piece. Stop when you’ve reached the bottom of the hoop, leaving a tail that is the same length as your other strands. Cut. Tip: It’s better to have too much roving to weave with than not enough. When in doubt about how much to cut, give yourself extra roving. You can always trim the excess later!

Step 6: Start weaving

Now it’s time to start weaving. Begin by weaving the roving through your warp in an over-under pattern. When you get to the edge of the warp, loop your roving back around.

Step 7: Continue weaving, this time with an alternate pattern

Keep weaving your roving through your warp. For your second row, use an under-over pattern.

Step 8: Weave, weave, weave

Continue weaving all the way down, alternating the over-under and under-over patterns as you go. When you reach the end of the hoop, stop weaving.

Step 9: Tuck roving through hoop and trim

Tuck the roving you used for weaving through the hoop, leaving a long tail that is the same length as your warp ends. Trim excess.

Step 10: Tuck warp ends under hoop

To finish your weaving, tuck the warp ends under the hoop. This will hold everything in place.

Step 11: Add final touches

If you'd like, give your weaving more texture by adding braids or wooden beads to the fringed bottom. When you're finished, use sharp scissors to trim the fringe to your desired length. All done!

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