Make This: Rainbow Match Favors

Send your guests home with these cute (and useful) DIY favors.


Step 1: Fill bottles

Remove the lids from your glass bottles. Add matches until each bottle is full. Tip: When adding matches, it helps to tilt the bottle so the matches stay upright.

Step 2: Cork your bottles

Put the cork lids back on your bottles. Set aside.

Step 3: Punch out match striker paper

Use your circle paper punch to cut out round pieces of adhesive match striker paper. You’ll want to cut one round piece for each of your glass bottles.

Step 4: Stick on match striker paper

Peel the backing off each round piece of match striker paper, and stick them to the bottoms of your glass bottles.

Step 5 (Optional): Decorate bottles

Use stickers or tags to decorate your match striker favors.

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