How to Make a Boho Yarn Tassel

Add “tassel-making” to your list of DIY superpowers.

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1 hour or less

Skill level
1 hour or less
Written By

The Etsy Studio Team

Written By

The Etsy Studio Team

From doorknobs and drapes to pillow corners and planter baskets, there's no shortage of places to put a chunky boho tassel. In this tutorial, we'll show you how to make your own using chipboard and a mix of hand-dyed and acrylic yarn. Ready to learn the process?

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Step 1: Cut chipboard

Decide how long you want to make your tassel. For reference, the tassels pictured in this project are 7 in. / 18 cm. long. Next, cut a piece of chipboard that is 1 in. / 2.5 cm. longer than the length you want to make your tassel. For example, to make a 7 in. / 18 cm. tassel, use a piece of chipboard that is 8 in. / 20 cm. tall.

Step 2: Braid yarn for tassel top string

Braid together a mix of yarn to create your tassel top string (this is the string you’ll use to hang your tassel). For reference, we braided about 3 ft. / 90 cm. of yarn to create our top string. When you’re done braiding, set aside.

Step 3: Wrap yarn to create tassel body

Now it's time to make the body of the tassel. To do this, wrap yarn around the tall side of your chipboard. Continue wrapping until you reach your desired tassel thickness. (We wound thin acrylic yarn around our chipboard about 80 times.) To make a multi-colored tassel, double up yarn colors and wrap at the same time. Tip: Try to avoid wrapping the yarn too tightly around the chipboard. This will make it difficult to remove in the next step.

Step 4: Tie on your tassel top string

When you reach desired thickness, slide your braided top string between your cardboard and yarn. Tie the braided piece in a knot to create a loop. Next, hide the knot under the yarn of your tassel.

Step 5: Embellish top string

Embellish the top string by winding yarn or metallic embroidery floss around the top. Tuck ends inside using a tapestry needle.

Step 6: Remove tassel body from chipboard

Cut the bottom of your tassel to remove from chipboard.

Step 7: Wrap tassel top

Slide a pencil in the middle of your tassel body. Wrap yarn around the tassel body about 10 times. Knot. Cut. Hide the ends by tucking them in with a tapestry needle.

Step 8: Trim as needed

Trim the bottom of your tassel as needed. Nice work!

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