DIY Macrame Necklace for Your Glasses

Hold on to your glasses in style.


Step 1: Measure and cut filler cord

Measure about 2 yds. / 1.8 m. of string and cut. This will be your filler cord.

Step 2: Knot loop and secure filler cord to workstation

Fold filler cord evenly in half and create a 1 in. / 2.5 cm. loop knot at the folded end. Use this loop to hang your project in front of you (with a thumbtack or safety pin) as you work.

Step 3: Measure and cut knotting cords

Next, measure seven full arm-lengths of cord and cut (fingertip to fingertip). Note: You’re measuring for one very long piece of cord. Fold the length in half and cut at the fold, leaving you with two shorter strands. These will be your knotting cords. Fold the two knotting cords to find their center. Knot the center of the two cords around your filler cord.

Step 4: Bundle

To prevent tangling, create a bundle with each knotting cord.

Step 5: Over and under

Take cord set A (on the left) and place it over the filler cord and under cord set B (on the right).

Step 6: Under and over

Take cord set B and loop it under the filler cord and over cord set A. Tighten to create a knot.

Step 7: Continue knotting

Continue knotting until you have a 2 in. / 5 cm. tail of filler cord remaining. Tip: As your knot begins to spiral, you may have to readjust cord or physically turn the project. It’s easier to turn the cord than your body!

Step 8: Crimp

Tightly wind all cords together and place inside one fold-over crimp. Use pliers to tightly close the crimp bead around the cord. Repeat on other side of your macrame cord.

Step 9: Trim excess

Trim any remaining cord ends with scissors.

Step 10: Add druzies

Using two pairs of pliers, open a small jump ring. Slip jump ring through the hole on your fold-over crimp. Take a druzy connector and slip through the other end of the jump ring. Use pliers to close the jump ring. Repeat on other side of your macrame cord.

Step 11: Attach rubber eyeglass holders

Using two pairs of pliers, open a large jump ring. Slip jump ring through opposite end of druzy connector and add an eyeglass component. Use pliers to close. Repeat on other side of your macrame cord. Add your glasses and you’re done!

Tip: Adding more knotting cord if you run out mid-project

Measure four full arm lengths of string. Cut. Fold this long string in half to find the center. Cut again so you have two even lengths of string. These will be your new knotting cords. To anchor them to your work-in-progress, create a knot with your two remaining knotting cords as you have been doing, but before pulling tight, slip your new knotting cord over cord set A, under the filler cord, and over cord set B. Pull the new knotting cord through so that there’s an even amount of string on either side. Slip the new knotting cord up against the weaving and tighten the knot you made with the old cords. Take the old knotting cord and hold tightly against the filler cord, create a knot over these with your new knotting cord and pull tight. Trim short ends but leave the filler cord. Continue knotting with new knotting cord as if nothing ever happened.

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