Make This: Air-Dry Clay Wall Hanging

Transform humble materials into beautiful minimalist wall decor.

Skill Level



4 hours or more

Skill level
4 hours or more
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The Etsy Studio Team

Written By

The Etsy Studio Team

Seeking an alternative to your standard prints and paintings? This minimalist wall hanging, created using air-dry terracotta clay and handspun yarn, will add a unique touch to your gallery wall, or any space in need of a little creativity. Mimic the circular shapes shown below, or use cookie cutters in other shapes to further personalize your masterpiece.

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Step 1: Roll out clay

Roll out clay to approximately 1/8 in. / 3mm. thickness.

Step 2: Cut out circles

Cut out circles with cookie cutter.

Step 3: Cut circles in half

Slice circles in half using clay blade.

Step 4: Poke holes and let clay dry

Use a straw to poke a hole on both sides of each semi-circle. Let dry overnight.

Step 5: Start making tassel

While you’re waiting for clay to dry, make your tassel. To make a tassel, begin by wrapping yarn from your elbow to your thumb. Go around and around, gathering yarn until you’ve reached desired thickness.

Step 6: Tie tassel top

Cut another piece of yarn about an arm’s length and tie it at its center through your yarn loop. This will be the yarn you use to thread through clay pieces.

Step 7: Wrap tassel middle and tie in a knot

Wrap another piece of yarn around the top of your yarn loop. Wind it around about 10 times and tie in a knot. Cut.

Step 8: Thread tassel top through clay pieces

Once your clay is dry, take one of the lengths of yarn from the top of your tassel and thread it through the bottom hole of one of your clay pieces.
Next, thread it through the top hole.
Tie in a knot with the other string, so that the knot is snug against the top of the clay piece.

Step 9: Repeat, repeat, repeat

Repeat this process through your remaining clay pieces until you reach the top. Leave a little space (to hang) and then tie another knot. Trim excess yarn.

Step 10: Trim tassel bottom

To finish the tassel bottom, trim with sharp scissors.

... that's it! All set and ready to display.

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