How to Make Party-Ready Paracord Coasters

Protect your coffee table with a set of DIY paracord coasters.

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1 hour or less

Skill level
1 hour or less
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The Etsy Studio Team

Written By

The Etsy Studio Team

Banish water stains on the coffee table before they begin with a paracord coaster set. Choose solid or patterned paracord, or mix the two – there are so many styles and colors available that it’s easy to get creative. Here, we show you how to work with three colors of paracord to make a set of 4 in. / 10 cm. coasters. Feel free to modify these instructions to make a mix-and-match set, a trivet, or even a placemat. Have fun!

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Step 1: Pre-heat glue gun

Plug in glue gun and allow to preheat.

Step 2: Cut the felt

Use the acrylic ruler, self-healing mat and rotary cutter to cut four 5 in. x 5 in. / 12 cm. x 12 cm. squares of felt. These squares will become the base of your coasters.

Step 3: Mark the center

Using the acrylic ruler, mark the center of your felt squares with the permanent marker.

Step 4: Begin coiling the paracord

Begin forming a coil with your first color of paracord. The initial coil should be a circle about 1 in. / 2.5 cm. wide. Tip: It’s easiest to work at a table, with the paracord on the ground beneath you, or off to your side.

Step 5: Glue the center

Place a small dot or X of hot glue directly over the center mark on your felt. Next, place the paracord coil you just made onto the hot glue, being careful not to touch the glue directly with your fingers (remember, it’s hot!).

Step 6: Continue coiling and gluing

Working on a flat surface, continue applying a small amount of hot glue to the felt base, turning the felt and pressing the paracord onto the glue as you go. Tip: To ensure the glue stays invisible, push the paracord down and onto the glue using the sides of the coil as a guide.

Step 7: Add the second color

When you’re ready to add a second color of paracord, trim off the first color and use a lighter to burn the end of the cord (this will help keep it neat and prevent fraying). Glue down the finished end of your first color, and the beginning of your new color, to the felt.

Step 8: Continue gluing

Continue gluing your second color to the felt as you did the first – turning the felt as you go and working with the excess paracord on the ground or on the table beside you. If you wish to add a third color, follow the same process. Tip: Changing colors at the same spot each time gives the coaster a nice, neat look.

Step 9: Finish the coil

Once you have a ½ in. / 1 cm. border of felt left around your coil, you know it’s time to stop gluing. Cut and burn the end of your paracord near the same spot where you changed colors before. Glue the end to the felt.

Step 10: Trim the felt and repeat

Trim remaining felt off the edge of your coaster. Repeat as many times as you wish to make a matching set. To make an identical set, count the number of coils per color and use this as a guide.

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