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Last updated on Apr 4, 2018
Frequently asked questions

What Is A Digital, Instant Download Product?

A digital product is anything that is delivered to you electronically rather than physically (shipped).

Do I Need A Commercial Use License?

Commercial use is anything created for or intended for profit.

Unless the listing for the product you wish to purchase says "Commerical Use" all of our items are intended for personal use only.

Contact us for more info if you still have questions.

What Are The Terms For Personal Use?

Artfanaticus purchased artwork/item may be used in an unlimited number of “Personal Use Projects”.

•Your final product can be digital or physical item NOT made for profit or used for a non-profit.

•You are prohibited to distribute the original “As Is” Artfanaticus artwork.

•Files must be flattened in your final product.

•Please do not claim the purchased artwork as your own.

I Am Only Making Something For My Wedding, Do I Need A License?

Personal creations do not require a license. You may use AF artwork in your personal item with minimal modifications.

Prohibited Uses Of Artfanaticus Artwork/Items

• Resell, sell, share, giveaway “AS IS” in its original purchased form.

• Remix Artfanaticus (AF) artwork into your digital or physical product where AF artwork is the main focus.

• Distribute the original “As Is” Artfanaticus artwork/item to any third parties that allows the use of the original. Files must be flattened in your final product/project.

• Your final product(s) cannot be sold or used in a way that is directly competitive with the original Artfanaticus artwork/item you purchased.

• Claim any purchased Artfanaticus artwork/item as your own.

Can I share my item or purchase on my social media channels?

We do LOVE and APPRECIATE any shout out to Artfanaticus! htttp:// via any social media channel.

Instagram: @artfanaticus @amyandbyron


If you have a opportunity or want to blog about about us or a product contact us with the specifics if you need more info.