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Last updated on Aug 29, 2017
Frequently asked questions

What is the file type of the designs?

All our files are DXF files Cut Ready CNC Designs. This is the most common file type used for cnc machines.

Sizing details


All our designs are scalable and resizable for any dimensions you need using any vector program, we recommend Adobe-Illustrator as its best for the arts designs. But take care when resize the design to small size, you must consider the kerf (cutting width) of your machine, this may lead to melt of some parts of the design when cutting due to the heat. Feel free to contact us for any help.

Are your designs ready for CNC cutting machines?

YES, all our designs are DXF files Cut Ready for CNC machines.

Are your designs Smooth?

YES, all the vectors are smoothed and free of crossed paths.

Are your designs containing open loop (open lines) or closed loop (closed lines)?

Yes, Some of our designs are totally open loop and some of them contain mixed closed loop and open loop, you can find notes at the page of the design inform you whether the design contain open loop or its totally closed loop.

Are your designs instantly Downloadable?

YES, all our designs are digital files available for download immediately after finishing your checkout. You will get a link to download the files in ZIPPED file (.zip format). Only the custom designs or if you need custom change (adding words or numbers or any small change to one of our designs) will need time to finish the required design and send it for you. This may take about 2-5 days and you will confirm you satisfied with the designs before checkout.

Do you have any offers?

Feel free to contact me for any other offers you need.