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Last updated on Mar 11, 2018
Frequently asked questions

Can I use your artwork commercially?

Yes! Small businesses may use our artwork without purchasing a license. We require that you credit Digitalsaurus, and only sell a maximum of 100 printed, physical products. (Or 100 yards of fabric)

Is it possible to make more products for sale and not give credit?

Yes! You will need to purchase an extended, no credit license:

What does Personal Use mean?

Unlimited, non-profit, print production.

Can I do give-aways, or freebies with your artwork?

Sadly no, it would not be fair to our buyers.

Can I make third party sales or purchase whole sale?

Please contact us if interested in whole sale. The license is non-transferable and only applies to the initial buyer.

Can I make and sell digital downloads with your artwork?

Please contact us, so we can discuss the potential uses. Without prior contact, digital downloads are prohibited.