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Last updated on Dec 6, 2017
Frequently asked questions

Where's my download? What's taking so long? HELP!

Once you place your order, Etsy manages it all automatically. Sometimes the payment processing step can be a little slow, so try giving in a couple of minutes to do its thing.

If you feel like something isn't right, and you still haven't received an email from Etsy with a download link, and there's no link on your purchases page, then the next step is to contact Etsy.

Etsy does has a great troubleshooting guide here:

My file won't open! What's going on?

99.99% of the time, the short answer is:
All of the downloads are ".zip" files, which will need to be unzipped/decompressed before you can actually use them.

The longer answer:
I make sure you get what you're paying for. You're going to get every file type you could possibly need for any crafting machine or project now or in the future that you can dream up!

That means, you're getting a LOT of files, and it is BIG. So, they are "zipped" into a compressed folder.

Once you unzip the downloaded file, you'll see it becomes a folder (or multiple folders for larger bundles) with 5 file types in it (SVG, PNG, EPS, JPG, PNG).


How do I open a .ZIP file?

There are several free programs (and paid ones) to unzip files if you don't already have one on your computer. A quick google search for "open .zip file" will show you a bunch of options.

A non-software based option is to use a website that will open it for you and give you a download link for each individual file inside the zipped folder.

Here's one that I use:

NOTE FOR PC USERS: A common oversight when you unzip a file on a PC is that it LOOKS like it's open (you can see all the files), but it's actually just a preview. You'll need to DRAG the files OUT of that window that popped up. THEN you can open them. I know..computers are silly.

I have an error on my computer, can you help?

I will ALWAYS do my very best to help!

In order to make sure I have time to give to people with truly unique errors, please follow these steps first to try to solve the issue:

1. Read through my FAQ
(97% of the time I just copy/paste the answers there to solve a problem)

2. Make sure this isn't an Etsy related issue.
If your payment isn't processing, or the download isn't popping up, that's something Etsy support will have to help with.

3. Make sure it's not an issue specific to your craft machine.
If you're cutting stops halfway, or isn't responding to your computer, or if your designs aren't transferring from your desktop to you ipad, etc., these sorts of issues would need to be handled by the company you purchased them from.

Can you send me a .HUS or .PES or other embroidery file type?

Short Answer: No (not yet!)

Longer Answer:
I've been receiving more and more requests - so please let me know you're interested too!
I've started looking in to digitizing software and hope to find something soon that I'm happy with so that I can start offering embroidery-specific file types. They're a big investment, so I've been waiting to get a feel for what % of people would be interested in them.

I love getting messages with requests for future additions to the shop! :)

Can I use these in work I'm selling?

Yes and no.
Every file you buy comes with a Free, limited commercial license that allows you to use it on printed/physical items that YOU yourself make my hand and sell, up to 100 times.

So, for example, if you make tote bags with an svg you bought, you can sell up to 100 of them. I might even help promote them! This is only offered to independent crafters and students with teams no larger than 2 people.

If you're just uploading them to a site like Zazzle, or selling digital files that is NOT allowed.

You CANNOT sell any of these designs (in part or as-is) as digital art, downloads, give them away for free, or upload them to a crafting site that shares them (that'd just be sad - I'm trying to raise money for animals here!)

Disclaimer & Copyright Claim

You, the user, are solely responsible for determining if phrases used in any designs are trademarked or have any legal limitations for your intended usage.
You agree to use all files in accordance with all applicable local, state, and federal laws. We are not liable for any infringement or penalty that results from improper or illegal use.
We reserve the right to revoke or suspend any and all licensing privileges at any time, for any reason.

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The purchase of this file does not transfer rights or ownership to the buyer. By purchasing any file, you agree to all shop policies and usage.