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Frequently asked questions

I purchased a design without checking the sizes it came in and the size I need is not available. What do I do?

It is the buyers responsibility to read all of our shop policies and the item descriptions before purchasing designs from us to ensure you know exactly what you are buying. Since all digital sales are final, I am not obligated to send you a replacement design or issue a refund if you purchase a design and the size you need is not available.

Does this design come in a 4x4?

If a size (such as a 4x4) is not listed in the available sizes it does not come in that size, and it was never digitized. This is typically because a design it so big or intricate that trying to make it fit in a smaller hoop size would lead to a poor quality stitch-out.

I paid for my order with an e-check and it has not cleared yet, but I really need my order now. Can you send me my designs now or cancel my order so I can pay another way?

As I am sure you read in my listing descriptions and shop policies, paying with an e-check will delay your order. E-checks take a minimum of 3 days to clear and in many cases can take between 5 to 7 days to clear. I will not send you your design before the e-check clears, but you can message me about canceling you order and it will be at my discretion to cancel your order or not.

Can you digitize a custom design for me?

As much as we wish we could offer custom digitizing we do not. Everybody affiliated with Just Peachy Applique has full-time jobs, and we do not have the time to digitize for ourselves and offer custom digitizing.

I love your designs, but do not have an embroidery machine. Can you do a custom embroidery order for me?

We sure can! If you are interested in a custom embroidery order message me for information and prices.

Forgot to add the coupon code or put it in the Notes to Seller box?

It is the buyer's responsibility to ensure that their order is correct, therefore, I will NOT make refunds on purchases where you forgot to add the coupon code and/or placed the coupon code in the "Note to Seller" section of the checkout, rather than the apply coupon code box. Also, I am not required to send you a design if you forgot to add the coupon code.

Looking for 4x4 designs?

All of our designs that are available in a 4x4 have a tagline to help make the search a little easier. Just search 4x4 and see what designs we have available in that size that will be perfect for your appliqué projects!

Want more Just Peachy designs?

Check out our website at www.justpeachyapplique.com for even more peachy perfect designs! Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram for updates and special offers!

Stitching only ART format?

Did you know some Bernina Machines will also use EXP format? If you were not sure if your machine will recognize EXP files message me and I will send you a free design to try! All of our designs are available in EXP. We have also added ART to our taglines for the files that are available in the ART format to make it easier to find them. Just search ART and see what designs we have available in that format that will be perfect for your appliqué project.

Using you files.

All files, except the JPGs, are in zipped files. You MUST have a way to unzip the files in order to use them. You must also have a transfer method to send your designs to your machines.