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Last updated on May 11, 2017
Frequently asked questions

I love your designs - could you make me a custom design?

At this moment I don't have the time to make custom designs.

But thanks for considering me!

Ups! I didn't check my software for SVG capability, and now I can't open the file - what do I do?

If you have the adobe CC programs you can use illustrator to open and save the file in a format that your cutting software can read.

If not, you can download a program called Inkscape. It is a vector based (FREE) program, like illustrator, from where you can open the SVG file and save it to another format, that suits your needs. - If you are new to the program Youtube has a lot of tutorials for you to get going

Typing: “How to open svg inkscape” on youtube will teach you what you should do.

You can download inkscape here:
Choose the system you are on (linux, mac or windows) and follow the instructions from there.

Once you know your way around the program it will be very helpful to you.


All my SVG files come with a PNG and JPEG for tracing in silhouette basic edition.

The Images are saved like the picture in the individual listings all in 20 cm width (7,8 in) or height, depending on the file's dimensions

If I run into trouble, will you then help me?


Please message me and I will help you out in the best way that I can.

Do note that I live in Denmark and the time zones might be very different from yours, so it might take me some time to answer.

Silhouette users please read this!

If you have a silhouette cutting machine (portrait or Cameo) you need the Designer edition in order to open the SVG files. It is a paid upgrade!

I include a BLACK png and jpeg with every purchase. This is done for you to be able to trace the design within seconds if you have the free version of the silhouette program. (the butterfly button in the program)

I have a silhouette myself and can help you with tracing if you are new to the machine.

Please note that I test all my designs in silhouette before uploading them to Etsy, to make sure that they cut beautifully.